Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mount Stewart House

I have posted many times regarding  the National Trust property at Mount Stewart near Newtownards, however since the restoration, this is the first time I can show you the refurbished bedrooms.  Let's start our tour with  some of the downstairs rooms, starting with the Drawing Room.

Close up of the boat chandelier in the Drawing Room.

 Lord Londonderry’s Room

This is the elegant Dining room and below is a side table, followed by champagne in a wine cooler. 

I shot a short video of the guide explaining about this beautiful shield.
CLICK HERE if the video does not appear here.

Now we are upstairs looking over the banister at the staircase below.

This is one of the bedrooms.

Another bedroom.

This is the last bedroom that has been refurbished.

This is the room where the family stored their cases for travelling.

This was an amazingly long corridor.

Just before going downstairs I looked over the balcony into the main 
Entrance Hall.

Our tour is over for today as we approach Venus in the entrance Hall. This is a marble statue by expatriate Glaswegian sculptor Lawrence Mac Donald and dated 1856 . Purchased by 4th Marquess of Londonderry.

If you are interested in seeing more photographs of the house, look in my LABELS (RHS) and then find Mount Stewart and click it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the house and I am glad you joined me on the tour.

Many thanks for all the comment you leave on this post.

More photographs from the grounds of Mount Stewart tomorrow.


  1. As I've said before they have made a wonderful job of this place. It's a top job but who on earth chose the dining room carpet? It must have been a committee decision.

  2. It is an incredible place. I wouldn't like to have cleaning responsibilities though.

  3. The restoration work has been worthwhile & I must try to visit again soon! Your photos of the rooms are wonderful!

  4. The chandelier is so great! All in all the house is very picturesque and ornate, and I would love to take a stroll inside.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. What a stunning place, I'm so charmed by every details in your wonderful photographs, my darling Margaret, I've been watching them so many times !

    Thank you for sharing such precious beauty, my lovely friend !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you most wonderful days to come,
    sending love to you


  6. This would be wonderful on Tuesday's Treasures.

    1. Tom I was goin to link htis post in as you suggested however I discovered 3 other Tuesday's Treasure on the web and did not now which one you meant!

  7. Such a lovely home. Thanks for the tour. I may be remiss in commenting in the next weeks months as life gets more hectic with the move.

  8. i wonder why 2 choices on the staircase, perhaps the home is that big. it is a beautiful house, very formal but it certainly fits the period. how nice to see it restored and maintained so well!!!!

  9. Hello Margaret, what a lovely home and tour. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  10. Wonderful shots of the place. It is a treasure.

  11. Interesting photos, Margaret. Looks just like home.

  12. Beautiful house! I really like that chandelier!

  13. I like how close to the fire that sofa is. That is made for me. And the chandelier is a hoot!

  14. Adrian doesn't care for the carpet--- I'm not sure I do either, but I really think your pictures are excellent-- wonderful shots of this remarkable place.

  15. The elegance of that era impresses me.

  16. What a grand place this is. Loved the boat chandelier, the statue at the end, the opulent furnishings - It was all just so pretty to see.

  17. I love the old ornate furniture, the use of colors and design in that staircase as well as that long hallway. I rather liked that carpet.

  18. The carpet in the dining room is a copy of one which was in Wynyard Hall (the family's palatial property in Durham). It was commissioned for the restoration project, made by Axeminster Carpets in Devon, and is super hardwearing to cope with massively increased footfall through the house. It feature the Stewart dragon, which is also in the family crest and at the heart of the family moto 'Metuenda carolla dragonis' (Beware the crest of the dragon!). We can't all be fans of it..but there's some explanation of why its there!

  19. Beautiful photos, Margaret! And a great video of Paul, too!

  20. Lovely photos from this beautiful place. Thank you for taking us on a tour, Margaret.