Thursday 30 May 2013

A Walk In The Park

These are my final photos from walking in my nearest parks.  Below is in Ward Park and is in the heart of my town of Bangor, County Down.  I have just noticed when completing this post that blogger has the incorrect date on it.  It should be THURSDAY 30 MAY.

Mainly the only ducks we have in this park are Mallard but this little fellow looks different.

We also have quite a number of Greylag Geese however this one has a deformed leg but seems to manage well enough although he has to hop rather than walk.

The Alchemilla Mollis leaves all had raindrops on them and I took quite a few photographs of them as I thought the raindrops looked like diamonds sparkling in the sunlight.

 The trees in Castle Park are fantastic and a lot of them are quite old. I just liked this one when the sun was streaming through it.

I loved the bright greens of the Ferns and this wonderful Acer.  This Acer is the same variety as I have in my garden and showed you a close up of a few days ago.

I took a small video was I was walking through the park.  I am just learning how to do this and also how to edit and join it all together so it is not wonderful so be patient with me until I can improve.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting my blog

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Flower Power Extra

I am showing you the rest of my flower photos that I took yesterday at the Walled Garden.

These Apricots were in the greenhouse




Above and below flowers are in the Primula Candlelabra family


Raindrops on an Alchemilla Leaf

Thanking you for visiting my blog and I hope you will look in again.

Flower Power

This morning I was playing badminton and walked to and from the Leisure Centre through both Castle and Ward Park as well as the Walled Garden taking photos as I went.  I did take a few birds and video and I will show those aonther day as I don't have the time to up load the video.  So today again it is mainly flowers and I have experimented a bit with some of the shots.

Above is the entrance to the Walled Garden and is just opposite the car park for the new Lesisure Centre and the groundsmen are still plaing turf and flower beds.  These are 2 different photos of the turf they were laying today.

London Pride - Saxiphrage umbrosa

Alchemilla Mollis covered in diamond dewdrops.

Old Fashioned Rose


Dicentra -Lady in the Bath/ Bleeding Heart


 Thanking you for visiting today.  I would love you to look in again.

Monday 27 May 2013

Final Starling chicks left today- Day 22

Despite the rain this morning, Ruth went out to see what was happening with the chicks.  There were still 3 chicks in the letter box.

Last remaining Starling chicks

However, she watched from inside the house and with her iphone managed to video the forth chick leaving.

Watch very carefully.

This next video is of the sixth and final Starling chick fledging.  You can see the parent trying  to encouage the chick out of the letter box.

It was wonderful to be able to follow all 6 chicks in their letter box nest and finally see them feldge successfully. These Starlings parents worked very hard to bring up an entire brood however, on behalf of all those people that have been watching the chicks on my post, I would like to thanks Ruth for all the hard work in photographing the procedure over the past few weeks.

                                                                    The empty nest

Ruth was telling me that Starlings have nested in her letter box for the past 15 years and sometimes have 2 broods.  She will now clean out the letter box and I hope the Starling will have another brood this year.  The photo below is the view the Statling chicks would have had from the letter box.

Many thanks to all who have followed the Starling chicks' growth.   Call again soon.

Wooded Wonders PLUS video

Walk with me through the wood at Strangford and savour 
the wonderful delights I found along the way.

New Sycamore Leaves

From the wood Istill could peep over the wall and look at the sea

Buttercup - Ranunculus acrus

Bluebells with Wild Garlic

Green Veined White Butterfly

"Look Bluebell, I told you we were beautiful"
As I finish my walk I see the ferry waiting to take us across again to Portaferry
As promised, below is a short video as I travelled on the ferry from Portaferry to Strangford.  Notice the fast flowing tide and many currents and when we pass a small island, there are Common Terns and Black headed Gulls nesting there.

Thanking you for visiting my blog and joining me on my walk and ferry journey.

Starling update Day 21

Just heard from Ruth and she has been watching the letterbox quite a lot today although she missed another one of the Starling chicks leaving.  Now there are only 3 left in the box.  As tomorrow is going to be wet here, she thinks the others may not leave tomorrow. We will have to wait and see.  Enjoy these 4 photos of Day 21 Starling chicks

Close up of one of the Starling chicks

Have a good evening.  I'm sure the Starlings are very cosy in their letter box