Thursday, 23 May 2013

Faces of flowers

Recently I have looked at several posts of flowers and Black and White photography and as it is not good weather here I thought I would see what I could do with some of my flower photos.  I am sure some of you will be horrified with these first attempts but I will improve as I learn more in future. These first 3 below were taken at the Botanic Garden in Belfast last year.

Dahlia with Wasp
The next 2 were taken in Bulgaria a few years ago.  

Horse Chestnut

The next 2 were taken in the grounds of Stormont Castle in Belfast
Cannot remember the name of this plant at the moment!  
The next 2 photos were taken in my garden.  Every year this Fir tree produces these beautiful cones at this time of the year.  Of course they eventually turn brown and in fact last years cones are still on the tree.

My Bluebells
Horse Chestnut Bud

I photographed this flower below in Paraguay but I don't know its name. Anyone?
Isn't it amazing
The next 3 flowers are again from my garden.  The first 2 are really wildflowers but I love them and let them stay.  Of course the first photo I have changed the colour into B and W.

Below is the true colour of this flower.

 Welsh Poppy- Meconopsis cambrica
And the last one I wil leave you with was taken last year while I was attending a Dawn chorus at The Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra, near Bangor/Belfast.

Fern Head

Sorry I forgot about this photo so I am adding it now.

Horse Chestnut Bud

Thank you for visiting.  Look in later as Ruth may send me an up date on her Starling chicks.


  1. You sure did put on some pretty flowers! They are gorgeous...thanks for visiting!

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  3. Yes Nature is wonderful and I am not trying to improve on it by some of the shots, jusst experimenting with colour. Thanks for you comments and galad youenjoyed the flowers. Margaret

  4. A wonderful set of colouful flower images Margaret. It's good to take some time to experiment a little and see what we can do with our photographs, and maybe develop our own style and presentation, it's all part of the fun and beauty of nature photography...[;o)

  5. Well-well!
    Why would you think some might not like what you are trying?!!
    Do what attracts you and you will become good at it, sooner or later!
    I don't have time to comment on each picture, but some are really good, I like the fern head... and others!
    You will find inspiration on the net and you will develop your own style and that is a lot of fun!
    Cheers Margaret!

  6. Hi Noushka You are very kind with your comments and advise.Icertaily wil continue some experiments especially if this weather does not improve. Margaret

  7. Hi Trevor Many thanks for your comets and encouraging words. Margaret

  8. Wonderful floral series, Margaret. You have a number of excellent shots that inspire me. The macro shot with the Wasp and the Poppy have some Wow factor going on.

    As another mentioned, keep doing what pleases you. Technically you're on the right path, experimenting and developing you own style is uniquely yours.

  9. beautiful! really love the cozy bee photo.

  10. HI Daniel

    Thanks you very much for your comments and great encouragegment. I am glad that those people that have seen the photos today have all been wonderfully encouraging. I did not expect that. I thought that ome would have thought I had list the plot!! Margaret

  11. Hi Tex Thanks. I am hoping that we see more bees around, so far because of the bad weather, there have not been many yet! Margaret

  12. Your photos are far better than mine!!! Love your background of skies on your blog.

  13. Hi Becky You are very kind in your comment. Glad you like my backguond to my posts. It took me a long time to figure how to get it there! Still learning about everything. Margaret

  14. OK; an excellent selection Margaret.

    Picking out a few;
    I enjoyed the fir cone; having never seen one prior to going brown before.
    First one is a beauty, the Bluebell, the Welsh Poppy and Fern Head too.

    I have to admit I'm not a fan of B&W pictures, especially of nature subjects. I like to see what they 'look' like. lol

    Having said that though, I found them all great.

  15. Margaret I have to confess in not knowing much about flowers etc but I've enjoyed looking through these.

  16. Hi Douglas it was very good of you to look though the flowers especially as you say you know nothing about them. Sometimes we do not need to know everything to enjoy some things. Margaret

  17. Hi Keith Thanks for taking the time to look and make comment on the flower post. I tend to agree with you about B and W with nature however this was a bit of an experiment. I think B and W is better for Landscape (some)and portraits. My favorite is the first one as I think one could paint this on canvas and it would look really well. I am not sure if I can do this again!!!!Margaret