Monday, 6 May 2013

Walking through the fields at Vi and Michael's home farm

It was a dull start to the day with some rain however I decided to walk over the fields looking for birds at Vi and Michael's farm.  Due to the late spring, no cattle were out yet so all the gates were open.  The first bird I heard was the Chiffchaff but I did not see it.  There was a very vocal Willow Warbler however unfortunately I could not get a decent photo of it.  The usual small birds were dashing around such as Blue and Great Tit, Robin and Chaffinch.

Great Tit
The fields were now very green and the grass was growing well.  Michael had put this box up over 2 years ago in the hope that a Barn Owl would nest there.  So far, no takers.

The sun came out and there were wonderful banks of Primroses with a few Common Violets (Viola riviniana) in between them.

Primroses and Common Violets
The Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) below still had rain on it.  The delicate light purple lines showing up on the white petals was exquisite.

I walked though a fairly newly planted wood and there were a lot of Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) see above, shining brightly as the sun lite them up.

As I returned back to Vi and Michael's home, there were a goodly number of Rook and Jackdaw feeding from a ground feeder that Vi had put out for them.  Vi was telling me that every evening she fills 2 hanging feeders each with 4 fat balls and the Rooks, who come very early each morning have them both devoured.  An expensive business but I am sure the birds appreciate it!


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  1. Love the Robin and Rook pictures.
    And so good to see the spring flowers at long last.