Thursday 31 March 2016


I have just returned from two weeks on the Isle of Wight, primarily to see my grand daughter dance in a festival and my grandson perform in the Rock Challenge show.  One day I took myself off from Ryde in a train to Shanklin and decided to see if I could photograph all the word prompts in one day which I did except the last (and an extra shot).  The words will be in BOLD.  

This is the LOCAL Theatre where Anna was performing.

So come with me on our day out to Shanklin.  After purchasing a train ticket,  FOR ONE, I noticed this STREET ART at the station.

 This is the old bone shaker train which used to be on the London underground  many moons ago so hop on for the 20 minutes trip to Shanklin.

 It wasn’t long before I found my STRIPES at a Barber’s shop 
and the shop beside it had a Kayak FOR ONE sitting outside.

Then I made my way to the cliff top to see the sea and discovered these TILES along the way to guide me.  I passed many LARGE hotels 
and this one had a LARGE tree outside it.

Then I descended these ROCKSTAIRS and was afforded a magnificent LANDSCAPE view of the coastline.  
They are repairing the lift and it will be opening at Easter time.

When I returned home to the family and told them which ROCKSTAIRS I had photographed, Gillian said she would take me to much more impressive ones the next day.   I have to say climbing up them nearly killed me!!!They were the highest point on the Isle of Wight! She didn't tell me that when we started!

This shot was taken at the very top of Bonchurch steps when I was catching my breath!

To continue my more leisurely walk, on my way back I visited the town itself and meet these 2 dogs who's HAIR was very course and long.

Time for a stop for refreshments.  
I ordered a toasted tea cake and coffee FOR ONE.

Making my way back to the train I passed many shops that had ladies clothes with STRIPES in the design.

Now I was struggling with a few of the words so I went into a pub and asked could I photograph the spirits that all had optics on the upturned bottles enabling the barman to correctly MEASURE out 25ml. 

Off to the supermarket and guess what I found there that fitted the bill.  CRISP 'n dry cooking oil.  

I headed for the train and once back in Ryde found this LARGE ice cream cone at the station.  

Being a bird watcher I had to go to see if the Sanderlings were on the beach and I was not disappointed.  There were running up and down at the water’s edge feeding like fast sawing machines. 

 They MEASURE 18–20 cm (7.1–7.9 in) in length.

I do hope you enjoyed our day out 
but before I finish there was one more shot I needed.

The Isle of Wight does not have a CITY, so I travelled over to Portsmouth one evening as my grandson was in a performance of Rock Challenge.  This event is to encourage young people not to drink or take drugs.

The Emirates Spinnaker Tower is a 170-metre (560 ft) landmark observation tower in Portsmouth CITY, England, UK. It is the centrepiece of the redevelopment of Portsmouth Harbour.  The tower, reflects Portsmouth's maritime history through its being modelled after a sail. 
It opened on 18 October 2005.

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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Flower Edits of my New Croucus

I have 2 planters at my front door and last year I planted them with Crocuses called 'King of the Stripped' and I am very pleased with the result.  Of course I had to play with the photographs.  I will like to know which ONE you fancy? 

Now it is time to let me know if you liked any!  Many thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday 29 March 2016

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Stormy Day For Waders

I was coming home one morning on a sunny but stormy day and I took these few photographs of Redshank and Turnstone that were hunkering down behind a small slipway at the yacht club.  

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Monday 28 March 2016


    • I photographed all these shots  (bar one) while I was still on the Isle of Wight last week. My granddaughter, Anna was not too well on Sunday and as she had no make up on she obliged me with a BEFORE make up shot.  

    • I had hoped that my second shot would be taken just before she left for school on Monday morning however we had to take her to hospital and although she is now home however has Glandular Fever.  

    • So below is another shot I took of her a few days earler when we took her out  for her birthday.  She is wearing stage make up as she had been performing at a festival. So this is my AFTER shot with make up on her eyes.

    • We do not normally eat desert during the week however Gillian surprised us after our evening meal with this DELICIOUS one.

    • This is an old Belfast KITCHEN SINK which last year I decided to plant up and place at the front of my home.  This shot was taken last August. Recently I received another Belfast sink from a friend which I still have to decide what I am going to put into it.  I have it in the back garden and this year I may sow Cosmos seeds in it and hope I have a wonderful display of colour in the summer when my daughter Judith and family are home from Malawi for a visit.

My daughter, Gillian has a group of  friends that encourage each other to eat healthily and exercise so once a week they go for a walk together and then have breakfast at a local restaurant.  This morning, Rose could not be with us so we offered to take her gorgeous dog Benny for a walk.  This is him patiently waiting for me to through him his stick again. AN ANIMAL that is both  beautiful and gentle.

While on the I.O.W I brought the book ‘Birds of Costa Rica’ with me in the hope I would some time to read it.  I did get to read about the climate and topography of this island which has 903 bird species.   I photographed the KEY to the diversity of this beautiful island to show you, along with the map which illustrates the six major life zones, each with its own unique mixture of bird species.

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Sunday 27 March 2016

SUNDAY THOUGHT - Easter Sunday

He (Jesus) is not here; He has risen!  
Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee:  ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’

Luke 24 verse 6 and 7  

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Saturday 26 March 2016


These are the photographs I took at the WOW RSPB Reserve in Belfast recenty.  They are Moorhen, Rabbit and Black tailed Godwit.  
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