Monday 31 October 2016

THROUGH MY LENS- Playing Indonesian Instruments!

Recently my friends Sue, Linda and I went to a Gamelon afternoon in Belfast.  Now let me tell you we had no idea what we were going to but as all 3 of us are up for a laugh and adventure, off we set.  It turned out to be an afternoon of playing different Indonesian instruments. There was a group of older people who turned up on the wrong day however we all joined in and it was tremendous fun.  I have a short VIDEO of us all playing for you to hear!  

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Sunday 30 October 2016


“If a man’s bull kills a man or woman, then you should use stones and kill that bull. You should not eat the bull. The owner of the bull is not guilty.

Exodus 21:28

Photographed at Whiterock.

October 2016

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Saturday 29 October 2016


These are the cows, calves and a bull that I have to negotiate through in the field to get to the next field where my old caravan resides  They are always very curious and come to talk to me.  I am linking this post with SATURDAY CRITTERS.  

Tomorrow I will show you just how massive the bull is.

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Friday 28 October 2016


Last Saturday I attended the wedding of one of my nephews and as the photographs all fit into both FRIDAY’S HUNT and WEEKEND REFLECTIONS memes, those are the shots I am sharing with you. This week, the letter is R, favourite and Black/ Orange.  My FAVOURITE shots are the 1st  with the groom and his 2 brothers arriving at the wedding venue and last is of the cake.  The overall theme were the autumn colours so plenty of ORANGE.

The wedding was held at a Hotel in Belfast and these chairs had lovely RIBBONS tied at the back of them in a bow.  Notice the ORANGE leaves on the floor.  

The ceiling was totally mirrored so the above shot is a REFLECTION but I turned it round so you could see the people waiting for the bride.this is one way to have twice as many at your wedding!!!

This is the REFLECTION of a RESTLESS groom 
as his bride was half an hour late!

Here we have the RADIANT bride and groom and one of the guests in a BLACK and ORANGE coloured dress and matching ORANGE shoes and handbag.

For good fortunate, this wedding has a sweep
 who was dressed in BLACK with ORANGE accessories and below was the three tied cake with ORANGE leaves on it.  

I hope you your enjoyed having a little glimpse at this couples happy day.

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Thursday 27 October 2016


I was walking along Bangor Pier and these are the  entrance gates I photographed when I was leaving then I had this little pup run towards me.  Then I got into my car, drove round Seacliffe Road and photographed this gate at the sea wall when suddenly a Curlew fly over.  I am linking to GOOD FENCES.

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Wednesday 26 October 2016

Part 2 of Kiltonga Nature Reserve

Following on from yesterday’s post when I showed you the Swans and 6 cygnets my bird group saw at Kiltonga Nature Reserve, these cygnets very wisely decided to move down a small channel of water away from their now aggressive parents.   However they now were behind a large hedge so i had to climb on a fence, and balance with my camera in one hand to get these shots which were taken at quite a distance and are now cropped. 

A young Little Grebe

Shouvler feeding

Gadwall sleeping

Shouvler Sleeping

The berry tree above is fullly laden and below is the flower Convolvulus. 
Yes that is a Bee!  

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Tuesday 25 October 2016

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Part 1 at Kiltonga Natrue Reserve

Last week  I showed you the birds I saw at the lake near Helen's Tower however today it is the Swans at  Kiltonga Nature Reserve, near Newtownards that I am showing you when I visited it with my Bird Group recently.  There were 2 Adult Swans and hidden beneath trees were 6 cygnets.   The adults were already encouraging their young to find another territory by the aggressive behaviour to the cygnets unlike the ones at Helen's Tower.

These are Gadwall ducks. 
The one above is the male and below is the female.

The cygnets are coming tentatively from under the trees but the male Swan is on their case and trying to get them to move territory and 3 of them, very wisely move into a smaller channel away from both  parents.

Off they go but tomorrow I will show you the rest of the photographs taken at Kiltonga Nature Reserve.  Too many for one post.

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Monday 24 October 2016


I have been quite tired recently and on Friday wondered what I was going to publish next Monday.  I would have to make it in advance as from now until then I will be very busy and then I thought I knew what to post.  My older brother and his wife in September had just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary and I would show you the wonderful cake.  So here it is.

I was only 8 years old when Bryan and Phyllis got married but spent a lot of my teenage years with them and although that celebration was just close family, last Saturday we had a bigger event when my younger brother’s son got married.  

On Sunday I have to travel to Dublin and if anyone is interested I was be part of a small congregation in the studios of RTE when a live ‘Sunday Service’ will be broadcast from.  You can get it on RTE IPlayer and it will be available there for the following 3 weeks.

I am sorry recently, due to tiredness I have not managed to comment on as many bloggers posts so hopefully you will bare with me as I do try to post daily for my regular followers.

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