Saturday, 11 May 2013

What's going on at Bangor today?

Today's weather was either sunny or pouring with rain. I thought I would go to Bangor Walled Garden to see how it  had matured.  I had to wait 10 minutes in the car before getting out due to a down pour.  The garden was planted about 3-4 years ago and is growing well.  Below is a small part of it and mostly green at the moment as this is a herbaceous area and will flower later on in the year.

The main colour in the garden at this time of year are the tulips so I photographed those to show you.  Although now the sun was shining brightly the rain was still on the flowers.

Hopefully there will be a tulip above that you will like.  
The last shot is a close up of the inside of one of them.

Most people only ever look at the outside and never see the beauty that is within each flower.  This is often true of life when  people quickly judge on outward appearances and don't wait and look deeper to get to know the inner personality of the 'real' person.

In the garden I was pleased to see Wrens and Robins that obviously had chicks as they had food in their beaks.  There was a Dunnock who was sitting in a bush singing, perhaps still looking for a mate.

There were also Wood Pigeon and Magpie flying around so after a coffee at the cafe I went down to Bangor Pier to see the Black Guillemots again.

This Black Guillemot kept his eye on me!!
This Black Guillemots just turned his back on me!
This one serenaded me
These 2 Black Guillemots below were displaying to one another.

I travelled further round the coast road and saw a lovely grassy bank of daisies where there were Starlings and one Greenfinch feeding.

On the stones at the sea shore I spied this Pied Wagtail below. 

Further along the road I noticed a lot of activity on the water and stopped the car.  I discovered there was a kayak race about to start and  it was in tribute to a young man who suddenly lost his life at the early age of 20.  50 people from all over Ulster came to race today and raise money for charity.  This video below shows kayak getting really for the off.

It had been hoped they would race to Groomsport however the weather was too bad for that to happen.  Weather was good to start with however turned very hasty when those that were doing the 6 mile race went into the second leg off that.  Some people paddled 3 miles however some capsized but there were quite a number of rescue craft to help anyone in trouble.

I left for home just as the wind came up and the rain came down (again!!!)


  1. Despite the weather it looks as though you had a good day out Margaret. those tulips look splendid in the sunshine and you got some great photos.

    I enjoyed seeing the Black Guillemots in your video, a bird I've not seen before.

    As for those kayakers?...a bit too close to the water for me I'm affraid!...[;o)

  2. Yes Trevor, the little Black Guillemots are a wonderful feature in Bangor and I never get tired of seeing them as I walk down the pier. They are only here to breed so I take every opportunity to pass that way to go home even through it is a bit longer.

  3. the tulips are beautiful! love the guillemot!

  4. Lovely pictures of the tulips, Margaret. Love the guillemot too.Also I love the thought of a walled Garden. The Secret Garden was a favorite as a kid. What am I saying I still love the story today. I also loved a story called The Forgotten Garden by an Australian woman. My first teaching job was in Australia, many moons ago. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found yours.

  5. What a beautiful selection of tulips and great photos of them too! The purple ones are so pretty! Also very envious of your black guillemot sightings! Fabulously sleek birds!

  6. Hi Tex, Cindy and Mary
    Thanks for your comments. They are a great encouragement to me. Recently (I think last week)I posted more tulips as a tribute to the people of the Netherlands. They were very different.

    I hope you also look at the beautiful butterflies I have just posted today. Enjoy our wonderful nature in whatever way you you might find it.