Tuesday, 3 June 2014

White Park Bay. County Antrim. Northern Ireland

I am continuing my journey to Tory Island.(see last weeks posts)  After a great night’s sleep I woke at dawn and very quietly made my way down to this beautiful beach at the National Trust White Park Bay.  So come along with me for a walk before breakfast.   Mr Great Tit had already caught his breakfast just outside the hostel.

Now wouldn’t that view make you heart feel good.


Now I have to admit I don’t think I would have liked to have spent the night at this place!!

 Lots of Primroses, Bluebells and this lovely little bunny.

The cliffs were very high and so these shots of Fulmar are cropped.

Portbradden village in the distance

There were Fulmar on nests and then often they would take to the air.

 On my way back from that end of the beach, I spied another cave which of course I had to investigate! Below is looking at the sea from the entrance before I went in.

 Off I go and I stopped to try and get a shot looking back (didn’t work really), then I turned a corner, went further in and suddening my feet were very difficult to lift to the next step.  It felt like trying to walk through treacle and I was very unsteady on my feet and I had difficulty turning round!! Now a little frightened, I eventually got out without falling.  Perhaps I should be less inquisitive!

This was the only thing on the whole beach apart from pebbles and sand.

Looking up, I saw the youth hostel but decided 
to walk to the other end of the beach.

Pied Wagtail

Ringed Plover and Dunlin.
I knew the Plovers nested on the beach so I was look out for a possible nest.

Believe it or not, there is a Ringed Plover in this shot and I thought it might be nesting as it certainly was sitting on the sand.

However, when I returned past the same place, the Ringed Plovers were down at the waves and this was where one had been sitting.  Perhaps it was trying it out as a possible nest site.

 It is time now to walk back to the hostel, and tomorrow I will show you some more shots of the Ringed Plover and also show you a video of them running around the beach.

On the path to the Hostel I passed another bank of Primroses, a Jackdaw and a Blackbird.

A last look at this magnificent beach before I had breakfast.

As I approach the hostel, I am looking forward to my breakfast after that great walk along the beach.  I certainly can recommend this hostel in this magnificent setting.  CLICK HERE  for more information on White Park Bay Hostel.

For the National Trust site for White Park Bay, CLICK HERE.

I have a video which can be accessed at


If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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  1. A SUPER post Margaret; wonderful scenery! I loved the first bird but then the chaffinch stole my heart...

  2. Wow what a wonderful place..............

    1. Many thanks Stuart. Did you see Saturday's post. Would you cross the bridge?

  3. Such an incredibly beautiful area. Your walks are full of discovery :D)

  4. Wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful pictures . . .
    You be careful doing those cave haunts missy! Oh my, how salary would that be, stuck in a cave . . .

  5. Wow, so many wonderful shots. I'd call that first one "gotcha."

  6. lovely shore scenes. love the chaffinch. such beautifully colored birds.

  7. What a beautiful coastline! Nice photos. I love all the green!

  8. Lovely scenery, the green on grass, rushing of the sea, and the birds, the Ringed Plovers, beautiful beautiful.

  9. I have just been catching up on what I missed, LOVE the tower, it reminds me of Rapunzel. And your beautiful sunset. ALL this before breakfast, it looks like a lifetime of photos, and I mean that in the best way. I love the colorful row of buildings at the top of the hill, pictures 1& 3, and the last two, these are my favorites today.

  10. Lovely collection. I always enjoy seeing birds with a meal.

  11. Just by looking at the photo of the small building on the beach, you know there has to be quite a story and history behind it Margaret.

  12. Very nice photos of the beach and the surrounding landmarks.
    I have never seen that finch before, not even in a photo.
    Peace :)

  13. I enjoyed all of your pictures and the video. I must say that you are very brave to have ventured into that cave!

  14. I want to be right there sitting on one of those picnic tables!! :)
    Not sure I would have ventured into the cave. I agree with Lois, you were brave.

  15. That is an amazing place! Thanks for the great photos of it.

  16. I enjoyed our walk, Margaret - although I am a few days late - wonderful photos!

  17. Fabulous shots, I love that little bird with the big bug!