Monday, 23 June 2014

Rowallane Gardens - slide show

Apart from trying to catch my on your blogs, I am now a day behind!  Thanks to all of you who looked, loved and left comment on the 3 posts of Castle Coole.   Any questions I have answered under your own name.  This post was taken when I took my bird group to another National Trust garden and although we did not see many birds, the display of Azalea and Rhododendrons were magnificent.  Once again, I have put them into a slide show as there were too many photographs to show you any other way and tomorrow I will show you the video I took on that day.  Just a few shots before the slide show, then sit back, relax and enjoy.

 On our way round the gardens we meet the head gardener, Lucy who told us about the Handerchief tree.   We did take a while to find it and Derek, who is always great fun, gave a shout to say he had found it!!  He had pulled his hanky from his pocket and hung it onto the tree.  We all had a good laugh but we eventually did find the tree and it is near the end of the slide show.  It looks a bit green and I think it turns whiter as it grows. 

 I have also photographs some of the names of the plants and these will appear AFTER the plant.  You will see that I had to reprimand my class near the end of the video and put them behind bars!!!

Enough chat and onto the SLIDE SHOW which can be access at

If there is black space below, click it and the slide show will appear.

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I think you will enjoy the video of Rowallane Gardens tomorrow.


  1. Precious on the video, the garden looks so pretty, love it.

  2. The handkerchief tree, what a fanciful name! The slide show is lovely, especially that huge tree, the name of which I cannot pronounce! I would, of curse, love to live in the place, surrounded by beauty!

  3. The flowers are simply breathtaking. I am happy that you get to see them in person; and, that you share your joy with all of us.
    Peace :)

  4. The blossoms and garden are beautiful, sounds like you had a great outing. Have a happy week!

  5. Beautiful garden with beautiful flowers.
    The video is also very nice, Margaret.
    Best wishes,

  6. I really enjoyed your slideshow of gorgeous flowers, and landscape, and loved your choice of music!