Saturday, 28 June 2014

SATURDAY'S CRITTERS - Copeland Island in May

I am continuing my posts on Copeland Island (look at last 2 posts to get filled in) from May time and I was up, out and about with Wesley from 6.30am checking the unfurled nets and traps one Saturday morning in May this year on the Copeland Islands.  These are the photographs as I took then.   There was a lot of birds singing. Many Wrens live and breed on the island and this Chaffinch I caught singing although the light still wasn't too good.

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Lesser Black backed Gull

Herring Gull


Spotted Flycatcher

A few shots that escaped Tex’s Good Fences meme!

This is on my way down the cliff to visit the “loo with the view”

Here I am on the “loo”.  Now how about that for a view!

Imagine bird watching from a “loo”.

Black Guillemots nest on the island in burrows.

Fulmar also nest on the island.

Beauty all around me.  I love it.

Seals and Eiders resting on Mew Island(island opposite)



These birds nest on the island and in June when I was there, I saw, photographed and got a little video of one of the chicks.   I had never seen one of their chicks before, so I was quite excited.  So that is something for you to look forward to. 



These were the only “white” Bluebells on the whole island.

There are 4 gulls nest on the island.  This is the Herring Gull.

You have to be very careful where you put your feet. Eggs everywhere.  All the gulls have eggs now and they nest down mainly near the coastline on the island.

Fulmar nest high on the cliff faces.

Eider also nest on the island and are very well camouflaged.

Black headed Gull and eggs.

Lesser Black backed Gull. 
All the gulls nesting in May successfully breed and had chicks.  When I was there in June and after I finish these posts of May, you are in for a treat to see the chicks running around.

Herring Gull nest and eggs below.

Common Gulls and eggs

Eider on her nest.

I hope you enjoyed joining me so early and seeing all the birds I came across.  I am off for breakfast now and to get to ready for the 20 people who I have organised to come to the island for the day.  On Monday, on my post, I will meet the group at the jetty as they join us for a wonderful sunny day.  So until then, have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Beautiful series, Margaret.
    The natures there is overwhelming.
    The pictures of the young bird in the hand, has stolen my heart.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a wonderful place where so many sea birds breed successfully. I enjoyed all your pictures.

  3. Array of the sea birds, oh and Goldfinch, Spotted Flycatcher and Whitethroat, and Seals. I love the Fulmars, superb.

  4. Margaret, these are wonderful photos. I have been enjoying the scenery around the island and the birds. Great shots of the gulls, eiders, oystercatchers and the seals. Awesome post! Thank you for linking up to my critter party, have a happy weekend!

  5. What a beautiful place!!
    I wish I was there!
    Your critters are special too!
    Have a happy weekend!

  6. Magnificent photos, Margaret.

  7. What a thrill it must have been to be in such a gorgeous place!

  8. Just brilliant shots Margaret. What a wonderful time to visit Copeland just when all the birds are nesting and migration time. Wow, that Fulmar certainly let you get close didn't it?

    The loo with a view must have been a great lifer too! What is your loo list on now?

  9. so many beautiful images packed in to this entry!!! looks like a great spot and as always, i enjoyed seeing "my" shore birds!!!!

    there is a pheasant that visits my yard, every march. he stays for a few weeks and then moves on. i always look forward to seeing him!!!

  10. Love the stone fence walls of Ireland . . . and your many feathered friends . . .

  11. So many birds! Love seeing them all.

  12. What a lovely place, so many flowers and birds!

  13. You have a delightful series of birds here. The pheasant really caught my eye. We have them around here, but I haven't seen one in several years. Do love that fence, too. This is a beautiful area.

  14. WOW! I've enjoyed reading this post and looking at all those great pictures a lot! So many different varieties of birds on that island! And the scenery...breathtaking. I would love to visit the island and the loo! ; )

  15. Hello Margaret,
    Very good shots!! So nice to see all these different birds.
    Shot 7 is so cute, wonderful!!

    Best regards,

  16. a great place for all sorts of photography. Wildlife and nature equally great. :)

  17. What a pretty place! Loved all your bird pics (and the bunny too!)

  18. You even got the sweet eggs! I love the nest on the cliff, that may be my favorite today. And the closeup gull pictures. A gorgeous pheasant, and I love the pattern of the water guillemot picture, and the magpie!

  19. Wonderful series of nature and her bird gems ~ love the bunny ~ all are quite wonderful ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Absolutely wonderful shots, Margaret, in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. I was especially interested in the nesting shots of the Herring Gulls because of my experience with one gull in our neighbourhood. Yes, your view from the loo would inspire envy, were it not for your generosity in sharing it :)

  21. Great island with so many lovely birds.

  22. A wonderful post, Margaret! I enjoyed seeing all the birds. The island is very beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  23. Wonderful shots for us today Margaret! Just beautiful!

  24. Looks like a very interesting and beautiful area. Great photos of the birds.

  25. Great scenery and lovely birds Margaret! And that's a really cute bunny.
    Karen & Beep

  26. Love it. And was fascinated to see the blue on your magpie - totally absent on our black and white charmers.

  27. Love the flycatcher in the hand! Great post Margaret.

  28. Not many people would think about taking a camera with them to the loo,......good job you did.


  29. Lovely set of pictures. I do lil the view from the loo,but it seems it would take a while to get there,so one would have to think ahead. LOL

  30. all sorts of creatures. what a full post. i love the bunny rabbit. so fluffy. & the pheasant. i think i saw one around here recently. that doesn't happen often. take care. ( :

  31. What an assortment of critters you found. Love that pretty bunny! So many pretty birds and views.

  32. I'm kind of envious of the spectacular scenery I missed out on :) (since I wasn't there!). Fabulous to see it through your camera and yes amazing loo view!! Wonderful post Margaret

  33. I am speechless at all the beauty you have just shared with us. So instead of trying to comment on everything, I will simply say THANK YOU.

    Happy weekend!

  34. Getting up early was definitely worth while, considering all the magnificent photos you got. I'm also impressed with the view from the loo.

  35. Beautiful "loo" view. Everything is beautiful on that island. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.

  36. What wonderful images for all of us to enjoy. I spent a couple of summers at a fire lookout tower in the mountains and we also had a great 'loo' with a view. Took pictures too. Love the shots of the nests with eggs.

  37. What a spectacular location and beautiful creatures! The gull and rabbit looked very large and well fed.--I loved seeing the pheasant --it is so colorful!