Friday, 4 June 2021


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup and the letter is  W and Water.  Due to an injury to my neck, shoulder and arm, at present I am not able to walk or hold a camera and even typing on my laptop has to be curtailed so I will have to rely on my archive photos and today I have accomplished all three prompts in one shot.  Below you see a boat is in WATER with a a WHITE cockpit, stern, top covering of the motor and the fenders.  There is also a WINDSHIELD and steering  WHEEL.  You can find this boat if you WALK down the WOODEN WALKWAY at the Bangor Marina on a clam day which enabled me to shot a WONDERFUL REFLECTION image.

 I hope you enjoyed this post today.

I appreciate your visit and comments


  1. I love the reflection--- The pandemic has caused me to traverse my archives-- Finally the wetlands path is open again, and I hope to get out. A year without walking much has taken its toll, I'm afraid. I hope you will feel much better soon.

  2. Red boats give great reflections. You captured a good one here. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Margaret, beautiful photo.
    Have a healthy and happy weekend.

  4. Hope you get that injury healed quickly.

  5. A very nice one-picture-for-all, Margaret. It looks like a fun boat for riding. I am sorry for your injury, GET WELL SOON!!!
    Today I walked just past our mailbox for the first time in two months, it isn't very far. About a five minute walk normally but it took about ten today. I fell a couple of months ago, had my right foot in a boot for six weeks and now walk with stiff soled soles and a cane. I fell and broke my big toe. Also though, my remaining tooth that was holding the right side of my bridge broke off, not related to the fall, and so all the rest of my upper teeth had to be pulled for false teeth. I am still eating soft foods and will be for another month or so. I have lost ten pounds over this, I generally get most of them back, about one pound every two weeks. But over all, other surgeries, etc., I have lost twenty. That might be too much for you?
    Oh yes, I got a very pretty photo of afternoon Reflections on my mailbox walk.

  6. It's a lovely reflection, and i am praying you recover fully and soon.

  7. Oh my, you really are incapacitated! I hope you have someone to help you. Beautiful red reflection in the water.

    1. Basically I can do very little myself but fortunately I have very good friends and they have stepped up to the mark as my family do not live in N. Ireland. Today 3 of my birders, 1 driving my car and going down to my old caravan with me to cut the grass etc and I afterwards I hope they are bird watch. I unfortunately cannot hold my camera or binoculars. Another friend does my main shopping and many other do varies other bits of shopping. I am having an MRI next Tuesday so hopefully I will be diagnosed and be able to have the correct treatment.

  8. Nice reflection and I like the colors.