Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tory Island - (Part 10)

On Monday week ago, I took you over to the other side of the island and today I am showing you some more shots of it.  I pass through West Town and then you will see a flatter part with a small lake before heading up the steep climb to the top of the cliffs.  The photographs are not in order today however I am sure you can work it out.

This green area was were some of the Puffins were nesting. 
(more about that on Saturday’s post with video).

I counted over 400 Puffins in the water where I stood and there must have been at least 100 in their burrows.

The houses are well maintained on the island and 
I found this Rooster behind one of them.

This is West town.

Ah another little dog.

In the distance this is the lake I mentioned to you however I will show you those photograph at a later date (possibly next week).

It is lovely to see Rock Doves in their natural surroundings. 
I hope you all made with me up to the top of the cliffs!!

Not to near the edge please.  
Oh dear, I am one to talk!!

These are Fulmar nesting on these ledges however you will see them better on the video at the end of this post.

I hope you thought the climb was worth coming up to see the wonderful views.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear.

Although as you heard on the video I was leaving Tory Island however there is still plenty I have to show you still.

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  1. As I've said before a wonderful place.

  2. Amazing coastline and the Puffins are so cute!

  3. What an incredibly beautiful place. Harsh, rugged and beautiful.
    And 400 puffins!!!! Be still, my beating heart...

  4. It is a gorgeous place! I love the puffins! Have a happy day!

  5. Oh Margaret I just visited this post and your last. You get around to so many places and the Puffins have been on my life list for so many years. How beautiful they are and the cliffs, wow, you were a brave soul too. Just glorious beauty found in all~

  6. Great photos and the sound of the ocean. Also the addition of the domestic rooster.

  7. Very interesting post with some great scenes Margaret.
    Stay away from the edge, you should know better.{:))

  8. The puffins are very cute. This is a very lovely place. Have a happy Wednesday!

  9. The puffins are adorable. We have them off the coast of Maine here and just maybe I'll get to go see them this summer. I'm hoping anyway. Lovely scenery. Enjoy your day Margaret.

  10. Gorgeous scenery and love the critters shots. Love the rugged look of those big rocks and cliffs.

  11. beautiful pictures, and cute puppy, but the Puffins they are my favorite, and I've gotten to see them live in Oregon!

  12. Beautiful views and so rugged - the coastline looks treacherous, indeed! So nice to see the nesting sites among the rocks and wildflowers and hear the crashing of the waves on the video. I love the pretty, colorful houses, too!

  13. Whew! That was a hard climb. :) I'm thankful you did all the hard work and I could just enjoy the beauty.

  14. Ooh puffins :) Wonderful post Margaret with some lovely shots. The scenery is beautiful :)

  15. What a great place to live (or visit!) Just breath-taking! Wow! Loved the photos and the video. The puffins and other cliff-dwellers are wonderful. Great photos and video too. Thanks so much for sharing this incredible island!

  16. what an interesting place!!! i wonder if they have a cliff diving team??!! the cliffs are beautiful!!!

  17. I love the cliffs and the puffins, they're fun looking birds.