Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Jazz in Ward Park, Bangor (Part 2)

Every Sunday afternoon during the summer months a different musical group put on a free 2 hour concert in Ward Park in Bangor, just 2 minutes’ walk from my home. Last Sunday I had been crossing the park from my brother’s home when the concert was about to begin and although I had been in causality nearly all night with my sister in law, I thought I would stop and listen and ended up videoing a few of the songs.  You will see and hear one of them at the end of this post.

This is the bandstand where this Jazz group were playing and although a bit windy I thoroughly enjoyed the very relaxing music.  I thought I would take a close up of each band member and then I realised that Emilie, the Jazz vocalist nearly always stood in front of the drummer.  

These five people came together today for this event although they frequently play at Berts Jazz Bar at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast.  
This is Steve Davis on drums.

This is Scott Flanigan and as you can see he is a Jazz pianist as well as a Composer and Educator.  His web site is

This is Dave Howle, a very talented Saxophone player.

This is Nick Scot who for most of the time I could not see as Dave stood in front of him however I loved the way he played the Double Bass.

Lastly a beautiful young woman called Emilie who lives in Dublin and was the Jazz Vocalist with this group that day.  Her web site is

So photographing the drummer became a real challenge for me.  The pianist certainly made a lot of faces as he immerced himself in the music.  However the drummer fascinated me when I did get glimpses of him and that is why there are a lot of shots of him in this post.  You will see on the video what I mean and how difficult it was to get ANY shots of him so I was pleased with these ones.

These 2 shots were taken at the interval and when I spoke with the group.  As you can see quite a few people had gone to get an ice cream from the van.

I would have loved to have stayed for the second half however with only having 2 hours sleep I thought it best to return home and have a kip rather than fall asleep in my deck chair as I found the music so relaxing!!

As I left for home, This was a parting shots from behind half of the crowd.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear below and sit back, relax and enjoy it.
Apologies to Emilie as the video on her went out of focus.

I have 2 more song clips, one of which I will publish tomorrow and the last one on Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed this post and tomorrow I will show you the fences I photographed on my way through the park to my home.

Thanks for you visit today and also to all who leave comments.


  1. Margaret, it is just wonderful to have such a lovely park so near your home. The drummer has lots of facial expression. The song and music is very relaxing. Thank you for the video.

  2. These are great photographs.

  3. Oh what fun. Love the drummer's VERY expressive face.
    I hope your sister in law is ok. Visits to casualty are never fun - and seem to take forever.

  4. The drummer certainly is flamboyant in his dress and facial expressions! Great sounds so close to your home.

  5. Great post, Margaret! I agree that the drummer has a very expressive face. Enjoy your day!

  6. A wonderful post Margaret and what a great idea :) Love the drummer's expressions :) I do hope your sister-in-law is ok.

  7. Great facial expressions from the drummer. Margaret I see from social media Mike Dinner (The One Shiw) did a bit of filming from Copeland Island and Shearwater, might be worth keeping an eye out for over the next few days

  8. Lucky you to live only 2 minutes away!!

  9. What fun! They're very talented, and you managed some really good photos!

  10. Oh, do hope your SIL is better. What great fun to have such a lovely park near you and the fun of music weekly. Love how musicians cannot stay still while music is being played, a toe tapping or fingers snapping. Hope you are having a great week.

  11. Hi Margaret,
    Beautiful pictures of the band, I love all the different faces of the drummer.
    The video is also superb, good music.
    Best regards, Irma

  12. Can't beat a good jazz performance, especially in a sunny park.

  13. I love Jazz, lovely to see in your park.

  14. Jazz in the park is one of the best things about summer! Great captures of the drummer's concentration!

  15. Oh, Margaret, you always go to and see the most fun things! And, lucky for us, you are a marvelous photographer... so we get to travel vicariously! Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  16. Oh Gosh - poor you and your SIL I hope everything is ok? Looked a lovely find a deckchair in the park with your name on it for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
    Wren x

  17. Dearest Margaret; Oh, what fun that you can hear the concert so close to your house. The talented Saxophone player look so nice; my husband plays Saxophone in a band group now, after retired his job. He must have fun reading this post and watch the video hearing the play (he is out practicing with group :-)
    Sorry that I haven't commented back to you, busy days but visiting friends taking advantage with husband's not being home p:-)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  18. How fun! I think musicians are very interesting and I enjoyed the closeups of the musicians.

  19. Love the ceilings of the shelters (the pagoda like structures)!
    Music in the park is a lot of fun - can be a lot of fun.
    Looks like the drummer was really into it, as seen in your portraits of him.
    It looks like a good day to be out and enjoying stuff.
    Have a Wonderful Day, Margaret!
    Peace :)

  20. I love Jazz and this one certainly fits the bill. Wonderful images and video! :-))

  21. i really do LOVE events like these. jazz is not really my thing but i find in a venue like this, everything sounds wonderful and soothing!!