Friday, 9 March 2018


Once again time for The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections.  This week the letter is J and Joy and below is my friend Sue when we were starting our JOURNEY to Londonderry.  (my favourite today)
She is always full of JOY  as you can see and she is sporting a JOLLY bright orange JUMPER which appeared after she took her JACKET

My other images are from a walk along the Marina in Bangor.  I saw three JACK Russel dogs, lots of people in JEANS, walked up past JENNY Watts pub where they play JAZZ on a Sunday, past a JACKDAW on a wall and I leave you with a REFLECTION of the yachts at the Marina.

Many thanks for your visit and also your comments.


  1. Joy is a wonderful thing to be known for. That is one special friend.

  2. Joy--- for sure! Love the combination of the dog walking, the people walking, and the bird walking!

  3. Sunshine? In Ireland? Well you never.............

  4. ...Margaret, you are the second person with 'J'umper, a sweater is not what I would think of as a 'J'umper! What a beautiful sight those yachts are. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you next week.

  5. Great assortment of J words! We both chose jumper! The Jack Russell pictures are great - a wonderful capture of the personalities of those little terriers. I also really like your jackdaw - we don't have those here.

  6. Our granddaughter lived most of her five years in London, coming back to Houston on her 5th birthday. To her a sweater also is a 'jumper'. You have a lot of nice "J" pictures. I liked all the Jack Russells. The reflection was special with sooo many boats and theirs.