Friday, 23 March 2018


Time for Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections and this week the letter is L, favourite and Long.  Well this is a very LONG post so get on your walking shoes and off we go.  I travelled  6 miles down the coast to Donaghadee to meet Sue for coffee but I arrived a little early and took the photographs of the LIGHTHOUSE  which is at the end of a LONG pier and saw the LIFEBOAT in the distance, passed the LITTLE big fish shop and past the children's play area where they has a smaller more colourful LIGHTHOUSE

On arriving into the cafe I saw this sign - Where there is tea, there is LOVE and of course the LOVELY smiling Sue waiting for me with the LOVELY scones and coffee on the table.  My coffee even had an the imprint of a LAUREL LEAF in the foam. 

On leaving the cafe and Sue, I decided to walk around the town and if anyone was interested this LIGHTHOUSE Bakery shop is to LET.  Grace Neill's is the LOCAL pub and it is the oldest pub in Ireland dating back to  1611. 

During its long history, Grace Neill’s has been fraternised by “...smugglers and pirates, sailors and soldiers… Fishermen and LIFEBOATMEN, businessmen and rascals.”  Wee drams have been enjoyed by more than just ghosts, too: author Daniel Defoe, composer Franz LIST and even Peter The Great of Russia have taken a tipple at the bar  
There certainly is a LOT of LOVE in Donaghadee according to the shop below.  

 I took a wander along the LONG promenade and below is my FAVOURITE shot today.  Turned round and headed for the Pier, saw this vehicle with his spare tyre advertising the LIFEBOATS.  It was good to see a LIFEBELT on the pier and I do not know what was behind this LOCKED unit.  

These are the LONG fight of steps I have to go down to board the rib with my heavy rucksack when I travel over to the Copeland Islands and this is a close up of the LIFEBOAT with 2 emergency LIFE CRAFTS on board.  

The LIGHTHOUSE keeper would have a LONG way to walk up before coming to the LIGHT at the top.  On my way back to the car I pass the Donaghadee LIFEBOAT station.

On returning home I had a quick walk in Ward Park at dusk when I shot this REFLECTION of the LEAFLESS trees. Well i am sure you are tied after all that walking today but I hope you enjoyed coming with me. 
I enjoyed your company.

Many thanks for leaving comments.


  1. Beautiful pics.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow Margaret, what a LLLLLOVELY post! I love lighthouses and gazed at the ones you posted here. My favorite photo is also the one of the curved blue fence. But all were beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Jo

  3. I greatly enjoyed your walk with your camera. Good reflection and fascinating harbor shots.

  4. A Lovely Long post - and those scones look Lucious.

  5. That was a lovely walk. I would have enjoyed tea and scones in that cafe.

  6. There is nothing quite like a cream team


  7. That's a pretty lighthouse when it's in the distance. The orange boat, is it a tug boat, too is pretty. It was a long walk. I haven't had a good scone now for quite a while. Too bad the historical cafe is turning hands.

  8. ...Margaret, I started to count your 'L's, but I 'L'ost count! The coast at Donaghadee looks like a photographer's dream. Thanks so much for sharing this week. See you 'N'ext week.

  9. Thanks for taking me along with you. Just a note about blog sharing, your link wasn't the one to this particular blog on it helps if you post the link for a specific blog post.

  10. Excellent photos! Now I want some scones and coffee. :-) Have a great weekend!

  11. Lovely post. I don't wonder why you put so many photos - they are all beautiful and wonderful. Thanks for sharing.