Monday, 5 December 2016

THROUGH MY LENS - Mount Stewart Floor Being Restored.

Mount Stewart is restoring the stone floor in the Entrance Hall to its former glory.  For many years it has been covered with black and white tiled linoleum which always looked very impressive on entering the house.  This was the last opportunity to photograph the work in process and to see, one part completed, the middle area being worked on and finally the last part still intact.  The VIDEO explains how the stones were restored.

This is the Entrance Hall’s beautiful chandelier protected 
from all the dust while the work is undertaken.

If the video does not appear, CLICK HERE

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  1. Wow.
    I really love seeing restoration work. So much better than the destruction which seems more common.

  2. What a huge job!!! It seems it would take them forever to do it. And the poor scrubbers, they need knee pads. So which floor do you like the best? The linoleum was very stunning. When will it be done?

  3. Talk about hard work. The lino gave more of a French look to the floors. The natural stones are beautiful.

  4. wow - looks like lots of work!

  5. It's going to be interesting to see it being revealed in all its glory. Looking at that chandelier reminded me of the episode in 'Only Fools and Horses' when they were cleaning a chandelier. Classic comedy.

  6. That stone floor does look worth restoring. It will be fun to see it when finished.

  7. I love to see old structures being restored!