Monday, 10 August 2015

Bangor Walled Garden Sulputures (Part 1)

Before I start my main post today, I would like to thank all those people who listened to the programme I was a guest on the previous Sunday 2 August .  If you missed it, you can still listen to it. The programme is called 
“Time of our Lives”.
You find it on IPlayer BBC Radio Ulster

I visited Bangor Walled Garden with my Nursing friends in June and there are 2 parts to this post.  The second one will be published this Wednesday.  We had a wonderful surprise as the garden was hosting a Sculpture Exhibition which they had incorporated very tastefully into the garden setting and that is what I will share with you today.  

Iris  by Artist Alan Finegan

This is the first view as you walk through the gate into this wonderful garden and these are some of my Nursing friends below.  We have a reunion three times a year and I organise the different places we go and visit.

Jump for Joy by Artist Sharon Reagan  

       Lovely to see Mr. Robin on the wall and then the real deal on the grass.

March Hares Everywhere by Artist Emma Jane Rushworth  

Held in the Balance by Artist Joy Gray

Disposable Income by Artist Pauline Short
(above and below)

Pod By Pauline Short 

The Tree Fairy by Artist Audhuid Zimmer

Rebuild by Artist Joy Gray

Little Chap by Artist Victoria Bentham

These are difficult to see all these lovely blue birds on this Apricot tree so here is a cropped photograph below.

Form 3 by Artist Jo Hatty

Truncated Tree Form by Artist Niamh Synnott

Lord Crow the Undefeated by Artist Joy Gray

Rebuild by Artist Joy Artist

Flight by Artist Mary Cooke

Fibonacci Flowers By Artist Caroline Sheerin

Implement by Artist Elaine McCully

Sorry I missed the name of this little guy!

A memory of Something Beautiful by Artist Julie Scott

As we walk through the second walled garden where there is a cafe, below I will show you a few plants from the garden but there will be glorious colour for you from this splendid garden on Wednesday.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the many sculptures in the walled Garden.

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  1. I always enjoy sculpture and particularly out of doors.
    I couldn't understand the Fibonacci flowers. I would have expected them to form a cone or golden spiral.
    The March Hares are brilliant.

  2. What a glorious exhibition. Something for everyone.
    I could have spent hours there.
    Thank you.

  3. altogether a good posting Margaret! some of the works very original...some....let's leave it at that!!

  4. I love to see sculptures within a garden setting. Some suit that garden very well whereas others possibly should be exhibited elsewhere. (That hare was magnificent).

  5. Hello Margaret, what a beautiful exhibit and garden! I love all the statues and sculptures. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, have a great week ahead!

  6. The sculptures are truly marvelous Margaret and what a lovely photo of you and your nursing friends.

  7. Hari Om
    Love, love, love these artworks!!! What talent and the surroundings are the perfect canvas! YAM xx

  8. It is really lovely garden... I was made with love...

  9. Wonderful post Margaret - the sculptures are lovely. The Tree Fairy was rather cute and the March Hares just wonderful - such a sense of movement. I just love your garden posts :)

  10. A real nice place to visit with a lot of photo opportunities. Thanks for showing.

  11. A lovely garden with great exhibits. I love the arch and natural flowers too.

  12. absolutely amazing art, all of these. and fantastic photos to

  13. I like the way art has been incorporated into this garden. The plants are beautiful but the art makes everything even more special.

  14. Such lovely, unusual sculptures! And a beautiful garden too.

  15. Congratulations on your radio spot! These gardens are the entrance! And the sculptures are fascinating. My favorite was the frolicking hares!

  16. Oh wow what stunning sculptures and on display in such beautiful surroundings. I like them all but the stand put pieces for me is the horse creating the illusion of coming through the wall, but the hares are my favourite

  17. I love "Flight" and I loved "Disposable Income", in fact I love them all! Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful reunion venue.

  18. l love these. Especially the hares :o)

  19. What a wonderful place this is... Thanks for sharing them. Not sure about that rowdy looking group of ladies, though. :) A big hug to you all.

  20. What a beautiful garden and the sculptures are marvelous, Margaret! Nice collection!!
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

  21. Oh, wow, what a lot you got to see. Just so much!

  22. The garden art is beautiful....what a fun place to wander around and take pictures!!

  23. What a wonderful place you visited. Love those hares!

  24. Nice sculptures and views!

  25. Lovely sculptures in this magnificent garden! The hares were my favorites.

  26. What a wonderful place to visit. The sculptures are beautiful and your photos are great.