Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bangor Walled Garden In March

Last Wednesday I photographed crocus to cheer you up and after that I went to the Bangor Walled Garden and although there was not much in bloom, they had the ground prepared for some summer planting.  These are the shots I took as I started walking to the left of the entrance so come join me.

Let me explain about the layout of the garden.   There are 2 walled gardens, one leading into the other.  The main one has a wonderful fountain in the centre of it and 4 large different planting styles on each side of it. Of course there is a plant border surrounding the wall as well.  As you can see the bed above is in the shape of a shamrock.

These are the arches you see as you go through the entrance gate and you can just see the fountain in the distance.  The arches continue beyond the fountain to the facing wall.

So to the left the first quarter of the garden is the formal area.  At the moment there are some yellow Pansies in them however I am sure they is under planting with bulbs that soon will appear.

This is the second area which is shrubs and has lots of driftwood and rocks.  It is mostly cut back at present except for this lovely red Cornus.

As I walked round the birder, there was not much colour although these grasses looked lovely and the Hellebores and Primula was flowering.

The third section was an enormous vegetable and fruit garden and you can see two of the men are planting it up.  These are all organically grown and when harvested are sold to the public at weekends during the summer.

This is a massive Apricot tree and as you can see it is blooming and any day now the head garden will hand pollinate every flower.  Last summer it had a bumper crop.

I now walked through a gate to get into the other walled garden and saw this Witch Hazel shrub and I just had to take this Roses' photograph as it had made it all through the winter.

There is this greenhouse where they bring on seedlings and these potatoes are getting ready to be planted.  The lawn that you can see through the windows is used in the summer for putting on an open air Shakespearean play.

 These are Tulips that are being protected by netting from the birds.

I have now just walked through this gateway, past this lovely sculpture an  into the main garden.

This is the last and fourth area and has been prepared to later be seeded with wildflower seeds.  I am so  looking forward to seeing this area in the summer time.

This is a lean to greenhouse with more exotic plants in it and another Apricot tree which had finished flowering already. 

This is a  lovely Bird of Paradise flower.

Just before leaving I passed this Rhubarb which was sprouting nicely.

When I got home I took a couple of shots of my own Daffodils.

I hope you enjoyed the walk with me round Bangor Walled Garden.   Many thanks for visiting today and also to those who leave comments.


  1. What a fabulous place. A lot of work, but the rewards are tremendous. Particularly for those like me who haven't done any of it...

  2. Beautiful gardens Margaret - so lovely to see photos of the Spring colour. There is something so special about walled gardens :)

  3. What a lot of thought and work went into these gardens. I love the Bird of Paradise which is known as a Streletsia here in our part of the world. Pray do tell: what is hand pollinating? Have a great day. Jo

  4. I love those red Cornus. :) Nice shots.

  5. These are heart warming. We are back in the cold, -10 C.

  6. Thanks for the nice walk. I'm limited in my walking these days with a bum foot so it was nice to do a visual stroll instead.

  7. neat to see it in a non-height of blooms season. makes you appreciate the amount of work they do there.

  8. The Bird of Paradise is top of the list in my flower eye! I especially enjoy seeing these first stages just knowing how it all begins!

  9. We have the Wild Seed Farm near us, and they have everything coming up beautifully as well as lots of potted plants for sale. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That place will look amazing when in full bloom.

  11. So much to look forward to as Summer approaches.

  12. It's such a wonderful place! Great photos of the plantings and the sculpture, and the layout. They do such an amazing job.

  13. Beautiful place, I enjoyd to walk with you. You have a real spring there, so lovely beginnings of flowers.
    Have a nice time.

  14. I imagine that those arches are used as trellises in the earlier images? I hope you visit it again when everything is going full force with blooms and greenery. It is a beautiful garden. Love the Shamrock shaped garden.

  15. Looks like a beautiful garden. Thanks for the tour!!! Hope you can go back during other seasons --as I'm sure different things will be featured during different times of the year. These gardens reminds me of the Walled Garden at Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.

  16. You gave your readership a real treat. such a lovely garden

  17. What a lovely tour of the gardens, Margaret! Thank you!
    You can just sense everything is about to burst forth as Spring approaches.

  18. I love the layout of the gardens! And the Witch Hazel! Now I know what it looks like in it's natural state outside a bottle. LOVE the tree growing against the brick wall. It almost looks painted there!