Monday, 27 April 2015

Seaview Cottages overlooking Hersey Reserve. I.O.W.

Michelle and her husband own and rent out Seaview Cottages which are overlooking Hersey Nature Reserve which I have posted about on many times.  I have often looked at the cottages from the hide on the reserve.  However Michelle invited me over to the cottages, not only to see them but also to photograph the wildlife from the other end of the reserve that is not open to the public.  

Greylag Goose

They are thinking of giving the cottages all bird names and I have supplied them with 66 bird names to choose from all I have seen from time to time in this area. 

 Before meeting Michelle that day, I popped into the reserve and took photos of the cottages which are on the other side of it as well as taking photos of the wildlife.  Although the light wasn’t too good, I wanted you to see how close they were to the reserve.

I must tell you a funny story here.  On entering the hide there was a man there who turned round as I opened the door.  Next thing was he said, ‘Hello Margaret!!!  I thought I must have met him there before however he said we had never met!  I was puzzled!  Anyway he said he recognised me from my blog!  Well I didn’t know I was that famous!!!’.   OK you can stop laughing now!

The building on the left is the reception area and has a small shop and on the right is a building where they hope to open a little café called ‘Blue’ for the guests.

We are now over on the other side of the reserve where were are 41 beautiful cottages painted in soft pastel colours.

These cottages offers 2 or 3 bedrooms which just are moments from the beach and spectacular views of England’s South Coast. Seaview is the perfect Isle of Wight location for a self catering family holiday or short break, with the tranquility of Seaview, or the bustle of Ryde, only minutes away, not to mention having a nature reserve on your door step.

Seaview Beach

This is one of the 2-3 bedded cottages.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk out, see this view and have all the peace, beauty, wildlife and quiet around you?

They also have another small group of cottages to rent at Tollgate which is only minute away from Seaview and can be seen here in the distance.

There are always Mallards and small birds around both the lawns and trees and I will be showing you more of the wildlife tomorrow on Wild Bird Wednesday.

They have also 4 bedded detached properties and all the inside decoration is very tastefully done and I have to say both cottages I saw were spotless.  You are allowed to bring your dog although it must be on a lead however Michelle has made up a starter pack for the dog on arrival.

Every cottage has a welcome folder with all the information you would ever require in it.  Also there is a visitors book along with a small 'OOPS' book just to record if you have broken anything or wanting to let them know if anything needs fixed.  I thought this was a great ideas a well as the doggy starter pack.

                              This is one of the 4 bedded cottages.

This is Michelle with Ruby (known as Dolly), her gorgeous daughter. 



Small Tortoiseshell

As well as birds and butterflies I have also seen Fox, Stoat, Hare, Rabbit, Dragonflies and huge Eel that the Heron like to catch.

I hope you enjoyed seeing round Seaview Cottages and for more information CLICK HERE. 

They also have self catering accommodation at the magnificent 
comprising a 6 bedroom house with a lodge and log cabin overlooking the spectacular southern coast of the Island.  However on this occasion I did not have time to view it however the next time I am over on the Isle of Wight I hope to do just that as Michelle says that the estate stands in about 3 acres 
and is full of wildlife. 

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  1. I love the butterflies and the view is indeed lovely. Have a wonderful week, Margaret.

  2. Good morning Margaret.
    Beautiful pictures, nice place to stay.
    Best regards, Irma

  3. Hello Margaret, how cool you are famous now.. I love the cute cottages and the location..It wonderful to walk out your door and enjoy the wildlife and nature. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing..Happy Monday!

  4. Those small tortoiseshells are in incredibly good nick, the ones round here are rather rough!

  5. Beautiful place for sure. Love those butterflies. Enjoy your day!

  6. Looks like a wonderful spot to stay! And, those moths!! Wow! blessings ~ tanna

  7. really nice cottages. a nice place to have a getaway.

  8. Peacock Buttefly is beautiful, I never saw one before!

  9. Interested to read your post especially as we stayed at those cottages (although it was many years ago when our 2 children were little). Had 2 great holidays there :) Super place for young children. Love the butterfly photos too :)

  10. First I have to say that the Greylag Goose is perfect in the first photo.
    It was nice to see all these houses and rooms and lovely views.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your last two butterflies are wonderful, and they may be my favorite today! I loved seeing inside the cottages! You would never guess how modern they are, and a wonderful kitchen! Almost like home. How wonderful it would be to stay here!

  12. Love the Greylag Goose shot. What a beautiful spot these cottages are on. I appreciated the interior shots, nicely furnished and looks comfortable. Beautiful views and love the shot of the boats on the beach with the stone wall. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like a nice place to stay..................

  14. I agree with your thoughts, it'd be great to be able to look out the front door out onto a nature reserve.