Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Copeland Island Visited (Part 2)

There are 3 Copeland Island and I was one called Lighthouse Island although nowadays the lighthouse is on Mew Island, the small of the three and that leaves Big Copeland.  Today I am showing you what inside the house is like.

Looking at Mew Island and Scotland in the distance.

This is the first view we get of the house as we walk up the steep slope from the boat.  On the way I saw Wren, Pheasant and lots of Rabbits that keep the grass down.

This is the lounge where we always put a fire on in the evening.

Well stocked kitchen

View from one of the kitchen windows.

My bedroom this weekend.

View from one my bedroom window.

View from the room at the front of the house.

One of the two large dormitories and there is also another room that sleeps 4 more people.

View from one of the dormitory rooms over the Heligoland trap.

A few of the Narcissi and Bluebells are in bloom.

Inside the Laboratory although this weekend no ringing took place due to the bad weather conditions.

There are 2 flush tiliets on the island, one is just outside the back of the house however this is the other one down a cliff but when sitting on the loo it is certainly a ‘loo with a view’! (below)

Tomorrow I will be continuing with this series from Copeland Island and I hope you will join me again.

Many thanks for your visit today and also for all the comments.


  1. A loo with a view, I'm chuckling at that:-) looks a great place to stay.

  2. A great place to get stranded.

  3. Great place to spend a weekend.
    Stunning views from the dorms.

  4. Hello Margaret, I love the view of the lighthouse.. Such a pretty place, the house looks nice too. And you could not ask more than a loo with a view.. Great post, enjoy your day!

  5. a little rustic, but that's good, too. i love the kitchen table and benches!

  6. Beautiful lighthouse in a lovely setting.

  7. Super neat place to spend a weekend - love the "loo with a view" - made me smile!

  8. Very nice views. So on Mew island are there Mew Gulls?:)

  9. What a wonderful place to stay, Margaret! I know you were very successful with the birding, and I bet you enjoyed the sound of the surf all weekend! The views are so beautiful!

  10. Beautiful sky and sea pictures! I love that kitchen! And also the stone table you can see through the window. Is it a sundial? I wish I had a room like the front room, it is really a lovely sun room!

  11. Hi Margaret,
    I am, as always enchanted by your photographs and relationship.
    I admire the spectacular views and beautiful flowers.

  12. Fascinating images. Some of those skies are so pretty.

  13. Looks like a cool place to stay and visit at. The views are beautiful and love that lighthouse.

  14. Love the lighthouse views.

  15. View from the room at the front of the house.


  16. Your photos are very enjoyable Margaret. How. I would love to experience that place. So scenic and I love the look of the cottage inside and out.

  17. What a wonderful experience. The island is just beautiful.