Monday, 2 March 2015

Lunch at Makuzi Beach Lodge, Malawi

After leaving the beautiful Ngala Lodge, we arrived at Makuzi Beach Lodge where we were having lunch and once again spending the rest of the day on this wonderful deserted beach.  All this week I will be showing you photographs from this idyllic setting where my family are  going to stay at this Easter time.

Before I go any further, several bloggers have asked about the Bee -eater  (in last week's post) and I think below will answer their questions.

Bee Eaters, as the name suggests, predominantly eat insects, especially bees, wasps, and hornets. They catch insects in flight, in sorties from an open perch. Before eating a bee, the Bee-eater removes the sting by repeatedly hitting the insect on a hard surface.  It can eat around 250 bees a day.

This little fellow greeted us on our way in to the Lodge.

The figure in the water is Jon, my son in law testing the water and perhaps you can see in the shot below the rock with Cormorants and white poo on it.   

Well we all decided to swim out to it not knowing it was quite some distance but we all managed it.  It was not an easy rock to get on to as it slippery however when the children and their parents managed it, nothing would do them but that I also would get on board!!  So with some hauling and pulling, Nana was on it too.  Needless to say, when we swim ashore we all were ravenous for our lunch.

We were very comfortable on the beach with armchairs to sit on, shaded safely from the sun with the straw umbrella while we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch.

On returning from exploring more of the area, I spied a Fish Eagle overhead and I managed to take a (not so good ) video which you can see at the end of the post.  I will show you more birds I found on Saturday's Critters.

Sorry about the mark on these shots but if you can remember just before I left for this holiday, I got water in my own camera and my friend Jimmy kindly lend me his but it had this mark on it.  Usually I can cut it out but I wanted to give you the overall picture of this beautiful place so left it in.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear below.

I hope you enjoyed the day at this lovely Beach Lodge however look in tomorrow as it is a SPECIAL day for me.

Thanks for visiting and also to those who leave comments.


  1. What a glorious place. And to swim out to the Cormorant Rock would be such a treat - and achievement.

  2. The Fish Eagle in flight looks so much like a Bald Eagle. The beach and palm trees are just beautiful!! It is a private beach I am thinking? Wow, the Bee Eater facts blew me away!! Hard to believe how many they can eat, they must have a super charged metabolism! And how they can remove the singers, fascinating.

  3. I love the Lizard, superb. I also love the place that had your family holiday.

  4. Good morning Margaret,
    Wonderful place to spend the holidays.
    The video of the eagle is great.

  5. Sun, sea, sand and wildlife. Surely that must be paradise.

  6. Absolutely love that beach. Great imagery!!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. Happy March, Margaret.. This place does look like a paradise.. Cool sighting of the fish eagle.. Beautiful images!Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. Beach scenes look so appealing to me right now. :))

  9. Such a beautiful, serene beach. Love the shots/video of the fish eagle. I'm surprised you wanted to swim out to the poop-covered rock, I'd have rather gone for a clean one. We often swim out to a rock in the lake where we camp regularly, but every year that rock gets just a little bit further away ;)

  10. Lovely photos of the beach! I love the cute lizard.

  11. Didn't realise Cormorants were so 'productive'................................

  12. A lovely spot, Margaret. The beach is awesome.

  13. thanks for the beach warm-up today!

  14. How amazingly warm looking it is! It's snowing here.

  15. What a beautiful place. Your picnic shots look like something out of a dream.

  16. Looks like a nice place to visit.

  17. Great pics, Margaret.

    Maybe a Sun Skink or Red-sided Skink?

  18. Hi Margaret,
    This is a lovely post, not just because of the nice photos, but also because of your very nice narration.
    I particularly enjoyed the story about the swimming of your family to the rock with the Cormorants.

    I am, somehow, reminded of the movie, "Father Goose" with Keri Grant. I guess the beaches and the family, possibly prompted the thought!
    Nice movie, if you haven't seen it.

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  19. It's so lovely there - and so cold here!

  20. what a beautiful place. the beaches are lovely, clean and well kept!!!!

  21. Happy blogoversary! What a nice collection of photos. Looks like a great place.