Friday, 19 August 2022


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup and the letter is G and Grand. Today I am showing your two species of GOOSE.  Below are Ross's GEESE GOSLINGS and the next image is Ross's GEESE as adults which appear to be knapping.  The second species is the Brent GOOSE.

 Below I photographed a GRAND selection of games in a café. Finally my REFLECTION shot taken at Castle Espie, County Down, near my  old caravan. 

  I hope you enjoyed this post today.

I appreciate your visit and comments.


  1. Hello,
    Love the geese and the beautiful view. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. The geese look fine, and you found a great reflection.

  3. It feels natural to be visiting you always nice pictures. Google was naughty to me, the way I had my settings for viewing. I didn't do anything new, quite a few got kicked down too Anonymous and your settings won't allow that. But this is a laptop that my son had given me and so when our other one cratered, we have to use this one. Viola!!! Google lets me back with it.
    Very pretty photo, I really like them. The Game photo is a nice thought, Clever!! I recognize Scrabble, Pictionary, and Monopoly. My kids and grandkids won't play Monopoly with me. I most always win and also, I catch them when they cheat.

  4. That's a beautiful reflection photo! I only see Canadian geese around here.

  5. The geese and goslings are especially pretty.

  6. ...GOOSE, GEESE and GOSLING is a GOOD GROUP of G words.
    ...our daughter's family has a GRAND collection of GAMES too.
    Thanks Margaret for stopping by.