Friday, 28 July 2017


This week for Friday’s Hunt and Weekend Reflections, the letter is D, your favourite and my choice.  I start with my FAVOURITE and really it is my CHOICE as well and that are the 2 shots below.  However why I like  the shots so much of this beautiful young lady, srniling while, standing in front of DAFFODILS, (who is someone's DAUGHTER) in a pretty DRESS, is because it was raining and she had an umbrella up but on seeing me taking her photograph, she lowered it so I could take the image.  
Isn’t she very pretty?

For the letter D I am showing you DOGS.  Firstly the DOG statue was at the Zoo.  It was life size.

They say, ‘Let sleeping DOGS lie’ and certainly that would be good advice about these Wild DOGS at the Zoo.

Recently I was waiting for my bird group to arrive at Ballyholme beach and was photographing the DOGS with their owners and these are most of the ones I saw in 10 minutes.  

That DOG has 8 legs!!!  Oops it is my REFLECTION image and there is another one in the electric car’s windows below.

I finish with this electric DRIVE car. 
A lot of Taxi's in Amsterdam were Electric.  We travelled in one from the Airport and it was so quiet.  I think this is the way forward. My son in law has just brought an electric motorcar.

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  1. My very favorite are your joyful shots of the dogs in the water. They show pure JOY! The first dog walker lady is surely dressed...well... in joyful and colorful clothes! The sweet lady was very obliging. There are not many electric cars here. So if we see one, we are apt to stare.

  2. She is very pretty indeed - and has a gorgeous smile.

  3. Hello Margaret, I love all the dog photos. They are having fun in the water. Happy Friday! Wishing you a great day and weekend!

  4. Hi Margaret, the young lady in the dress was beautiful. Wondering if it was her wedding. And the DOGS. Awesome captures. Have a great weekend. Jo

  5. Fun shots of the dogs on the beach.

  6. ...Margaret, the lady with the greens legs walking her dog cracks me up!!!

  7. Wow, this is so impressive. I did not know any of these facts. It is huge! Your food and coffee looks so good!


  8. I am enjoying both your nice street shots and as I've previously seen, your beech shots. Thank you.

  9. She is a pretty girl and the yellow of the background is a great color for her. I love the shots of the dogs playing in the water. It looks like they're having a grand ol' time. :)

    Have a blessed week.

  10. A beautiful lady in a beautiful gown - it looks as if she was attending a special event. Love the pictures of the dogs and their walkers. I love the first lady's green tights. The electric cars are great for cities and places where driving long distances is not required. For us, with a 45 minute drive to our grocery store, for example, it's not so practical. When they get longer ranges, I will be more apt to consider one. Canada is so big, and things are often 2-3 hours drive away, so we have to have something that will go the distance and back for us!

  11. What a beautiful young lady. Great yellow background. I love the dog images! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Sorry I'm so late to visit this week.