Tuesday, 9 February 2016

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Southern Red Bishops in South Africa

Today I am showing you the Southern Red Bishop bird.  Now when I was at this lake in Johannesburg, South Africa, these birds has not reached their full breeding plumage and they were extremely difficult to photograph as they preferred to be deep in the reed bed and very flighty.  

Southern Red Bishop
12 cm

Look he is hiding from me!  Gurrr!

All the  birds I am showing you today are in their 
‘transitional’ phase of plumage.

Breeding male is black and red. Told from male Black-winged Bishop by its black (not red) forecrown and brown (not black) flight feathers; latter difference retained year-round. Non-breeding male and female have a broad, buffy supercilium, finely streaked breast and brownish bill. 

Voice: Advertising males give buzzing, chirping song; also ‘cheet-cheet' flight call and nasal ‘wheet' contact call.

Common, flock-feeding resident and local nomad in grassland, savanna and fields. Usually roosts and breeds in reed beds.

Now you will see just how flighty this bird was to photograph.  
CLICK HERE if the video does not appear. 

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  1. You got some excellent shots of this flighty charmer. Thank you.

  2. Beautifully captured Margaret. Our Red Bishops are in full breeding now. The males arrive in large flocks to our garden. There are females with them, but I wonder if there are enough to go around! Have a great day. Jo

  3. Hello, What a pretty bird. Lovley photos and video. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  4. That bird looks like it could use a good preening. Maybe its just a bad hair (feather) day!

  5. he was hiding until his plumage turns. :)

  6. These are fabulous images. So pretty, the colors on this bird.

  7. Unique for sure! Thanks for sharing this guy.

  8. Oh, wow, what a gorgeous bird. I sure love its coloration!

  9. It is a rather unusual-looking bird. I imagine it to be quite colorful when fully plumed.

  10. A pretty bird, and you got some amazing close up images.

  11. fantastic shots, this is a lovely looking bird...

  12. Love this southern red bishop! Such a cute little bird and looks different than any bird I have ever seen. They may be shy and hard to photograph, but obviously you had the patience to get some great shots! Bravo!