Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Go Away Grey Loire, South Africa

These birds that were in my friends garden in Johannesburg, South Africa though they were not very cooperative in being photographed and preferred to behind the foliage in the trees.

Length 48–50 cm; Weight -210–300 g

An ash-grey Turaco with a long tail and loose, pointed crest, similar to that of a mousebird. Juv. paler, more buffy grey, with a shorter crest. 

Voice: Harsh, nasal ‘waaaay' or ‘kay-waaaay' (rendered ‘go-away', 
hence its common name). 

Common resident of acacia savanna and dry, open woodland; also gardens. 

Vocal and conspicuous.

Small groups often perch on top of acacia trees. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this bird and I thank you for visiting.  
I will show you more birds tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Margaret, another cool African bird species. Great shots, thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Didn't realize you'd made it to South Africa too in your travels. Are you home now or on the road?

  3. I like their fluffy heads - kind of reminds me of Donald Trump's bad comb over! :) (But the bird's hair looks better!!)

  4. Great photos. Looks like they were being quite cooperative. I always learn so much reading your blog. Didn't know about these birds at all.

  5. What an odd looking bird it reminds me of a hybrid of a waxwing (head) and parrot

  6. You did a really good job of getting these guys under difficult conditions. Well done.

  7. Gorgeous birds.... They really were being nice about being photographed, weren't they? So many times, as you and I both know, birds are not always cooperative when it comes to photography... ha ha


  8. Oh, wow, they are gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful birds!

  10. What wonderful, interesting-looking birds! Great photos, too.

  11. What a terrific series of images, Margaret! How do you get them to cooperate so nicely?