Saturday, 13 February 2016

SATURDAY CRITTERS - Birds from South Africa

As I walked around the gated area where my friends live in Johannesburg, South Africa, these were two of the birds I photographed. 
The Fiscal Flycatcher and Thick billed Weaver.(video at end of post)

Fiscal Flycatcher

18–20 cm

A striking, pied flycatcher with white panels in otherwise black wings and tail. Resembles Common Fiscal in broad colour pattern, but bill more slender, tail shorter, legs longer, white in wings confined to secondaries (not wing coverts) and white windows in the tail; lacks white outer-tail feathers. Larger and longer-tailed than Collared Flycatcher and nape black (not white). 

Female is browner above and washed darker grey on breast and belly. 
Juv. is much browner above, with buff spots; underparts mottled grey-brown. 

Voice: A string of high-pitched, weedy notes, sometimes extended by mimicking calls of other birds; ‘tssisk' alarm call. 

Common resident in south and east of range, a non-br. winter visitor (Mar–Sep) in north of range. 
Found in woodland and thickets, scrub, gardens and plantations.

Thick-billed Weaver

18 cm

A large, dark brown weaver with a massive bill and large head; 
appears long-tailed in flight. 
Male warm brown, with a white frons and wing patches; bill blackish. 

Voice: High-pitched, chattering song; high-pitched ‘tweek tweek' or ‘pink pink' flight call.

Female is whitish below, heavily streaked brown, with a paler bill. 

Common resident and local nomad of forest edge and rank vegetation, often near water. Usually breeds in small colonies in neat, finely woven nests with a side entrance attached to reeds; polygynous. 
Roosting nests have larger entrances than breeding nests.

I have a short video where you will be able see the birds better.  CLICK HERE if it does not appear below.  

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  1. Beautiful things. There are some truly lovely birds world wide.

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  3. Hello Margaret, I love the video. All the birds are so pretty, I especially love the thick-billed weaver. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

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  10. Beautiful birds, they look very cute.

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