Monday, 2 November 2015


These ’’spooky’ photographs were taken at a dance studio where every week I along with a small group of retired people meet and are involved in an “Acting Up” group.  The owner of the studio decorates the place for the young children.

1. Spooky

2. Cosy

Now this is my fire in my drawing room quite a number of years ago but I thought it looked cosy.

Three months ago, I became a Great Great Auntie and his Mum brought Rian up by train from Dublin this week to visit his Great Great Nana and Papa.  
Doesn't he look lovely and cosy in his pram.

3. Denim
The other day I was in the High Street and I noticed a new fabric shop which reminded me I needed a denim photograph.  Above is a lovely soft denim fabric the lady was selling and while I was in the shop a friend that I had not seen for years entered, wondered what I was doing and then immediately stuck her leg out for me to photograph her denim jeans! Job done!

4. Candy
Now this candy shop, well we know it as a sweet shop in the UK, anyway it is at the Ulster Folk Museum at Cultra, Northern Ireland and
 you can buy sweets using the scales that are in ounces!
Below is my grandson Daniel with a candy larger than his head!

5. Dressed Up
When I found the fire photograph I also found this image of Annika , my granddaughter who loved to get all dressed up that same Christmas.  She was only 1 year old then.
Below, Matthew, my grandson is positioned left front and
 is dressed up in a white costume. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I illustrated the word prompts this week.
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  1. I loved this series.
    I am only a Great-Aunt. I think it is unlikely that I will be around long enough to add the extra Great.

  2. Such a wonderful collection!

  3. What a marvellous set of shots. You have spent a lot of time and thought on these.

  4. Hello Margaret, the Halloween decorations are fun! And you great-great grand is a sweetie. Wonderful images. Have a happy new week!

  5. Wonderful set of images Margaret and great interpretation of the words. Hope you have a good week.

  6. congratulation getting a great-great grand :-)
    beautiful pics and such a nice candy shop, hmmm

  7. What a beautiful collection of photos. Your fireplace shure is cozy and inviting. And your granddaughter is so cute dressed up. You have put up a grest set.

    R. Täysin arkista

  8. Great shots and meme... This is one of my favorite memes ---and IF (I don't) I had time to do this, I would enjoy this meme... You certainly did a great job... I love the cozy scene with the fireplace.


  9. Fun prompt responses. The Halloween deco could be for the young at heart, too! Your drawing room is cozy. We do not have drawing rooms in the US. Your GG nephew is a sweetie all bundled up and cozy. Love those Irish redheads! Of course I find it amusing that the candy scale is in ounces! My husband will only use grams in his measuring.

  10. Love the Halloween decor! And your grand nephew is a cutie!

  11. Lots of color on your site this morning. Good job!

  12. Lots of cute stuff---- Fun sharing.

  13. What colorful fun you had illustrating the prompts. Denim woul have been the only easy one for me ... As it is our everyday " uniform" this time of year! Your grandkids are always great subjects ... That's a huge lollipop! And your little baby great great nephew is an angel!

  14. Love that cosy fireplace! Great Scavenger Hunt photos!

  15. There's so much colour in your pictures today Margaret. Just the thing to brighten up these grey and foggy days. Congrats on being as Great Aunt.

  16. great captures for the prompts. your granddaughter is a doll!!!

  17. Great shots! You certainly had the Halloween spirit (no pun intended...)
    Please come link up at

  18. Good grief, Margaret! You send us scurrying under the covers to get away from the ghoulish photos at the beginning, then I'll have to admit you do redeem yourself by the many cute kid photos at the end. So sweet!!

  19. The little ones look so sweet and I love the fun decorations. What a beautiful fireplace to enjoy when it's cold! Hugs, Diane

  20. A wonderfully fun post and your grandchildren and great-great nephew are adorable!

  21. Hi,
    Great shots. The little guy in his cozy pram is a cutie.
    Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

  22. Wonderful finds for your Scavenger Hunt.

  23. Beautiful photography, Margaret. Great choice of subjects.

    Take good care and have a great week - - - Richard

  24. Beautiful family members...and fun Halloween shots!