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Since last month you all seemed intrigued with the adventures of “The Formidable Four”, so we will continue the story today. Just to recap, there are cousins called Colleen and Charlie, known as ‘ Blondies’ from the Isle of Wight and David and Daisy known as ‘Gingernuts’ from Australia.  If you missed October’s story and photographs, CLICK HERE but in the meantime, this is a photograph of them below.  Word prompts are in CAPITALS and bold.

Colleen had been practising frantically for a show she was performing in soon on the Isle of Wight.  She had thought that she had to fly over from Northern Ireland, where they were on holidays at the time, on her own, however Gillian, her Mum said it had been agreed that all the cousins would go to support her including her Nana.

All packed.  Of course, Nana always has to take her BIG suitcase with her.

 Yes, the one with the HOLE in it but she had stuck plenty of black tape over the hole and said it would be OK. She says, ' Well at least no one will steel it!'

Although the children were used to flying they were always were excited and up for any new adventure.  It wasn’t long before they arrived at the City Airport.
When they had negotiated security, Gillian said they could all choose a BOTTLE of something to drink for the journey.  The Blondies both had water.

While David bought lemonade and Daisy settled for a BOTTLE of coke.

After arriving at Gatwick, they boarded a train for Portsmouth Harbour where they were catching the Ferry to the Isle of Wight.   All was going well, no hitches until Nana said she had left her big case on the train.  The boys lept into action, ran back and hoped the train they had been on, had not departed again.  

As they approaced the train, the conductor who was a STRANGER to them, recognised them and  knew the case belonged to one of their group.   He was so pleased they had made it back in time to collect the bag.  

No more mishaps and Daisy enjoyed the train journey very much as she sat beside a STRANGER who turned out to be a lovely Australian lady so they had a lot to talk about. 

They all arrived safely home in good time for supper.  The WEATHER was much better here than N.Ireland and they were delighted to see a beautiful sunset behind the trees in the garden.

Next day, as Colleen had a dress rehearsal, Gillian said they would go OUT AND ABOUT to explore Shanklin Chime. 

The boys were thrilled, Daisy not so much, however she was persuaded when her Aunt said they could have afternoon tea at ONE of her favourite Tea Gardens where the scones with jam and clotted cream as well as the chocolate cake were to die for.

If the video  (LOOKING DOWN) does not appear below, CLICK HERE.

WOW! They were all blown away by the fantastic waterfall and Nana took a video of it when they were all were LOOKING DOWN the chime.

At the entrance there was this SIGN for Shanklin Chhime.

                 Gillian, Colleen and Charlie were the only ones to wear a HAT.

When Charlie, David, and Daisy heard Gillian telling Nana about the pipe line, they decided to see who could find it first.  They enjoyed running down all the steps as the fences twisted round the path further down and lower along the chime. 

 Eventually they came upon the pipe with the SIGN P.L.O.T.O on it.  Charlie got there first. 

Along the way they saw this BIG wooden carved Squirrel.

Gillian said they would find out more about the pipe line in the information centre on the other side of where they were now but first they would walk towards the sea.  The WEATHER was pretty dull and grey but not raining and LOOKING DOWN the children thought the sea looked very cold and certainly no ONE was at the beach huts below.

As they made their way over to the information centre, they passed ONE cannon and a Victorian Bath that Daisy could hardly believe people used to bath in. 

We also stopped to look at the BIG fish.    

They all agreed that workmen must have had to dig a very deep HOLE to make that pond, big enough for that fish and the other fish.

The children were very interested to see and hear the story of P.L.U.T.O and you can see what it stands for on this TV screen. 

It was indeed ONE of the greatest achievements of WW2.

They left Shanklin Chime knowing a great deal more than when they first arrived and it wasn’t long before Daisy saw the SIGN for the Tea Gardens. Over scones and cake they all wondered how Colleen's rehearsal was going however it would not be long before they saw her performing in the show and they were looking forward to that.  

I will leave you with a photograph her Dad took of her (my choice). Of course I am biased as her Nana, however if you wish to see a few more shots of her, CLICK HERE.

I hope you enjoyed both the story and how I illustrated it with photographs. You never know, there may well be another story next month but no promises as I will be in Malawi.  

I am linking this post with  PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT and THROUGH MY LENS.

Thanks for visiting and also to all you leave comments.  I was greatly encouraged from last month's comments to continue my story.


  1. Loved the story. Of course you are proud. It is part of a grandmother's duty statement.

  2. Nice post - PLUTO was a remarkable project.

    I have to say that red-heads are great from any family!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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    Your old suitcase looks like it has a lot of stories to tell of many happy journeys. The Chine looks beautiful and interesting, and I love the pink pub.

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    P.S. I always had Coca Cola as a kid. Not great for the cavity situation decades later, though...

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  20. P.S. I don't know if you can go back & change it but your link on the Scavenger Hunt linky is messed up

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  21. Hi Margaret! I'm a little late getting around to view everyone's scavenger hunt posts ~ It's been quite a month! I loved how you wove October and November's posts into a story about the Blondies and Gingernuts! It was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Chine and P.L.U.T.O. I've always wanted to go to the Isle of Wight; now I want to even more. Colleen is a wonderful dancer. Sure wish I had her flexibility! I, too, was having troubles with your link, but I finally found you by googling "Margaret Birding for Pleasure," Happy holidays!

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