Sunday, 20 September 2015


Last week I went to a farm to see and video 200 cows being milked (posts to follow in the future) and then last Monday I took my bird class into Ward Park which is 2 minutes from my door and then to the sea shore. A few days later on a beautiful day I went to a beach 2 minutes away by car. 

1. Birds

Above are two wading birds we found on the rocks down by the sea.  The top one is a Ringed Plover and the other one is a Purple Sandpiper.

In the park they do keep some more exotic birds but these are very difficult to photograph as the mesh they are behind is 1" square!  

Temmink’s Trago Pan Pheasant fron South Eastern Tibet.

2. Beach

It was a beautiful sunny day and apart from some families with small children, there were dogs all over the place.  The dog below belongs to a friend and he sat nicely on the sand  so I could take his photograph.

3. Bridge
Now I told my class about this meme and they were very keen to help me shoot some of my photographs for this week so they kindly stood on this bridge for my bridge shot. Then they spied a lovely stone bridge and we had another go.

4. Bottom 

There were plenty of bottoms to choose from the 200 cows on the farm.

Now the class and I had hoped that I would get a bottom shot of a duck up ending as there are plenty in this park, however none performed for me, so the class, although they said this was scrapping the 'bottom of the barrel', they would oblige and turn round for the said shot!  
They are such great sports.

5. Butterfly
Although I chose these five words a few weeks ago, I am afraid our Butterflies have disappeared now so this is a photograph I took earlier at Mount Stewart Gardens, near Newtownards, Northern Ireland. 

I hope you enjoyed these photographs.

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  1. loved the bottom shot of your group. :)

  2. Oh WOW, you have a WONDERFUL class, Margaret. I don't have anyone here in SA or even on camps in East Africa that understand when I talk about memes and my blog. Just LOOK at the reflections of your people on the bridge. That could double as Weekend Reflections. Brilliant post. Oh BTW I've been over to the meme and saw you chose these five words but I have no idea where to look for next week's Scavenger Hunt. I'll give it another go. Blessings Jo

  3. Good hunting. My favorite is the stone bridge and reflection of the members

  4. Well done! You have a great class. Loved ALL the bottoms! (giggle)

  5. Good on your class for helping out! And that's a lovely shot of a Small tortoiseshell butterfly.

  6. Looks like you had a nice day out with your birding class, and they were very abliging.both front and back images.:)) Love the little dog and butterfly shots.

  7. Love your ingenuity.
    And I am grateful your patient class didn't moon you - and us.

  8. The bottoms shots made me laugh. That pheasant has beautiful colors, and your butterfly shot is lovely. Remember I had to use erasers for my butterfly shot.

  9. Those birds are so cool. Bottom is a trip!

  10. Margaret, that's a stunning pheasant, and I love the close up for your header!

  11. Your group is too funny! Love that red pheasant!

  12. The last photo with the butterfly is just gorgeous!

  13. I'm laughing here. Your friends are so helpful! I'm sure I would love them all. ;))

  14. the Temmink’s Trago Pan Pheasant is really colorful. Love the looks of it :)

    And I like the shots of the people :) Need not say any more :)

  15. Hi,
    Great shots. Love butterfly, beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my
    place. Have a great day!

  16. Great selection of images to illustrate the words. The butterfly is stunning :)

  17. Your butterfly has chosen a flower that matches her. Beautiful!