Sunday, 6 September 2015


Once more it is time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday so here are my photographs that hopefully fit the words given this week.

1.   Supplies

My garden birds are nearly eating me out of home and home so the other day I was stocking up on bird supplies for them.

2.   Shadows

Early one morning when the sun was up and I was walking to the train station, I noticed my own shadow and I thought I looked as if I was walking on stilts! 

Since the word was in the plural I thought I better
add another shadow image to be correct!
Taken at Portavoe Reservoir when out with my bird group.

Look, I was out without my stilts the other day!


3.   Something I want  
Now these words caused me a problem because the things I 'wanted' could not be photographed. The above photograph is a chimney pot belonging to a friend of mine and I asked her could I have it if her daughter does not want it.  I would like to put a plant in it.  I think  I have a slim chance of getting it but as I don't 'need' it, I will not be disappointed if I do not get it.

4.   Open
I saw this open topped car last Sunday.  A lovely BMW. Must have been a rare day to have the hood down as we have had a lot of rain here in Northern Ireland this 'so called' summer!

This Gazania flower is only open when the sun shines.  
It has struggled this year in doing that.

5.   Posed

I was very fortunate that the sun stayed out long enough that this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly posed 
 for me to get several images of it.

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Many thanks to those who visit and also leave comments.


  1. All the shadow shots are great! I would go for a BMW convertible too!

  2. Excellent, Margaret! I love the photo of your shadow (sans stilts) and your shoes peeping out below. The perspective is amazing! Have a great day. Jo

  3. Like the Bee and the Beemer. And the butterfly can ride along... Well done.

  4. Great shots for the scavenger hunt. I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  5. Love those shadows. And hear you on the birds eating you out of house and home front.

  6. Great shadow shots! And I love the flower and the butterfly. Have a happy new week ahead!

  7. All are beautiful photos and great interpretations of the prompts.

  8. Such a wonderful series of images. Loved the shadows and supplies.

  9. You did a great job with the prompts. I hear you on buying supplies for the birds as I have the same problem feeding all the birds and the squirrels.
    Loved all your shadow shots, especially the "stilts" shot.
    Very pretty Open Flower and a cool car with an open top.
    I think that planted is lovely. Hopefully you'll get it.
    Posed is beautiful.

  10. You mean you are not that tall? ; ) Nice photos for a fun meme.

  11. I agree it does look like you are on stilts. I like that chimney pot and a convertible is my dream car!