Saturday, 9 March 2013

Birding From My Breakfast Room Window

Well this has been another rainy day and I decided I was not going out.   While having my meals, I often look out from my breakfast room window over my small garden and watch the birds.  Today I had more time to do so.   I have 9 feeders containing peanuts, sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds, niger seeds, Fat balls, wild bird seed and mealy worms.  I have a pair of Dunnocks that have paired up and today, the female was having a bath in one of the puddles.  I also have a pair of Robins that have paired up although I did not see them today.

I decided to go out (in the rain) and throw down some bird seed and mealy worms to encourage some of the smaller ground feeding birds. However nearly immediately, the Starlings arrived and devoured the whole lot!  Two fat Wood Pigeons and some Chaffinches were able to feed off the food that the Starlings had dropped.  There were the usual Coal, Blue and Great Tits dashing back and forth from feeder to tree cover.  I was delighted with the number of Goldfinch today and especially pleased when I saw a Siskin sitting on top of a feeder.  I don't often see these little birds in my garden.

However, the highlight of my day was when I saw a Brambling sitting on my covered garden table.  I have never had this species in my garden. I quickly took a photo though the window but then saw a cat under the table eyeing up the Brambling.  So to save the Brambling from certain death, I knocked the window, scaring away both cat and bird.  At least I saved it so that someday it may come back.
                             Brambling - Saved to see a another day.

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