Monday, 3 October 2016

THROUGH MY LENS - Mount Stewart Nursery (Part 2 )

As promised from last week, today I am showing you the room that was used for a sitting room, classroom and dining room when Lady Rose lived at Mount Stewart as a child.  CLICK HERE to see her bedroom and the Nanny’s bedroom.  She spent many very happy years growing up at Mount Stewart and had the whole of the estate to explore and have fun in even though these were her quarters and she was only allowed half an hour with the adults each day.

I loved this room and there was so much to see but not enough time to take all the shots and ask questions that I would have liked.  The table was 
beautifully painted and each chair was different.  

Note that all the the painting were old fashioned for a child and not as children would have nowadays.

I loved looking at all her toys.

There were many interesting book that she read over the years and of course I spied Enid Blyton, books that I had read as a child.

Just as I was leaving this room I spied an old wireless set and a First Aid kit.  All these things brought my own memories flooding back as I am the same vintage as Lady Rose.  

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  1. Very interesting, Margaret. I loved the "rocking" horse.

  2. What a delightful room.
    My own mother said that she was brought down to see her parents for a brief period each evening. Some changes are definitely for the better.

  3. such a beautiful room ! i love that table :-)

  4. What a wonderful look back into Lady Rose's childhood. I can see reading was very important at that time and her book collection looks extensive. Her stuffed animals looks very well loved and played with. The pooh bear with a missing eye was specially endearing to me as he must have been a favorite!

  5. A splendid post today!! So much to see! Some favorites are the table in the sixth picture, the blue cabinet, and the doll. she looks like an expensive one, with eyes that open and close and an open mouth.

  6. So very interesting looking into the lives of others. Quite different from my childhood on a cotton farm in Texas!

  7. These pictures bring out a huge feeling of nostalgia for me. It's like there was something like that in my past. Which there wasn't. Very weird, I know. It's lovely to see these.

  8. I love the painted table and chairs, and the printed fabrics. "Same vintage." :D

  9. What a beautiful room! I would be quite a happy child spending time here! Love the painted table, the chairs and the wonderful cupboard and bookcase. A child's dream.

  10. Love those book shelves! Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  11. Hi Margaret. It's fascinating to see all of those old toys lasting out the years. I wonder if today's plastic and electronic, throwaway toys and games will be around in the distant future? I think not.

  12. A lovely nursery for a child.