Thursday, 6 October 2016

GOOD FENCES - Mount Stewart Conversations

These are some of the scenes that were photographed with staff and volunteers working hard before the Mount Stewart Conversations Weekend opening a few hours later on 17 September.  Below is the Stretch Tent where we had some briefings and it was also one of the Bars and used for entertainment.

This is a group being briefed in the Stretch Tent.

This is in the Marquee and these volunteers were waiting for their briefing.  This area was used for some of the speakers later.  Below the sound men were setting up the sound desk.

This is another group being briefed and 
all the staff were in communication by radio.

Bins had to placed in many areas and 
more than normal dog bowls were filled with water.

 These are some of the food venders setting up shop, so to speak.

This was the Camper Van of Dreams that I showed you other shots of.  
CLICK HERE to see the lovely couple who interpreted your dreams.

Many signs were erected so the public knew where everything was easily. 

This is the Main Entrance Hall in Mount Stewart House and they were preparing it for some of the speakers later on.

Now what was he thinking?  Do I need to wash that chandelier?

I hope you enjoyed seeing staff and volunteers get Mount Stewart ready, for what turned out to be a FANTASTIC weekend.

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  1. An amazing amount of behind the scenes work. I am so glad it all came together.

  2. Great behind the scenes views! I love the photo of the man looking up in thought - and the marble fence! I'm curious about the topic of these conversations.

    1. Karen I have already published quite a number of post regarding the Conversations but if you lok back to Wednesday 28 Setember, I give you all the topic in the poast. This is also the link here.

  3. That was a jam packed weekend for sure but everyone looks to be having fun!

  4. Love that tent. It so fits its name.

  5. Good people, and an amazing and beautiful tent!! Love the chandelier!

  6. Of course we attendees don't see the preparation and hard work that goes into these events. We just go and expect everything to be right don't we?

    Well done Margaret and all of your volunteers.

  7. You've done a great job of showing all the hard work that goes into an event like this. Most people who attend never think about all that has to be done before they ever arrive.

  8. Great shots of all the people getting ready for the weekend.

  9. Wow alot of activity going on. Love that red tent, neat shape. I've never seen one like that before.

  10. Hi Margaret. I loved that man (the only one) in a suit, in the briefing group in the doorway. I'm also wondering what the man in the last photo is think! Blessings Jo

  11. Hello Dear Margaret!
    Great relationship photoshoot.
    Margaret, I'm delighted as always
    Blessed days:)

  12. No doubt all the time and work paid off for this great event.

  13. More nice shots of the event. Looks as though it took many volunteers to 'pull it off' properly.

  14. a lot of prep! hope it was a success!

  15. Nice shots of all the preparations! I hope it is a successful event and the weather holds out!

  16. That stretch tent is fascinating looking. Have never seen one of those before. love all of your adventures

  17. Looks like quite the interesting and fun event.