Friday, 24 June 2016

FRIDAY'S HUNT and WEEKEND REFLECTIONS - (Part 12 and final day in this series)

It is very fitting that this on the last day in my series on Clandeboye Estate the word prompt for Friday’s Hunt is the letter Z as it is the last letter in the alphabet.  Of course we always have a favourite which I will leave you to choose and Today.  I am also linking in with Weekend Reflections. 
Let me ZIP through the final reflections from the estate.

Last year while in Malawi my daughter took me to visit a friend who lived quite high in the hills but overlooking a town called ZOMBA.  This is a panorama view from her veranda of that area.

Once again while as I was taking the panorama shot from the veranda, I heard Annika, my granddaughter calling but for the life of me I could not see her.  Can you?  Believe me, she is in that image!!

To help you out I will show you and when I found where she had climbed up to my heart went ZING!

The family and I visited ZAMBIA for a week last December and I photographed these ZEBRA and Giraffe prints at the Tribal Textiles units.

Of course I cannot not show you one of the many ZEBRA images 
I took on safari in ZAMBIA.  

To illustrate TODAY, I was at Mount Stewart photographing the vintage cars and athough I did not find a car beginning with Z I did find a old toy car and it was a Ford ZEPHYR Police car.

Today finishes the series pf photographs in this series from Clandeboye Estate, however, I have a little surpise for you tomorrow in that I videoed one number that the band played in the Courtyard, so I hope Eillen does not mind us starting the weekend with a song in our heart.

I do hope you have enjoyed this series on Clandeboye Estate.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Many thanks to all who leave comments. 


  1. Beautiful reflections!! And my favorites are the second one, because of the wonderful shade of green, the zebra, and your beautiful granddaughter with that glorious red hair! But though I looked and looked, I could not find her in that scenery! I know she must be somewhere in that tree with the white blossoms (which is very pretty as well!)

    1. Ginny If you want to see her inthe faraway tree, save the images adn then zoom it in and you will see her in the same place as the second shot I showed you clearly.

  2. It does look a beautiful place. It's not too groomed.

  3. Beautiful reflections love the green tones.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Fantastic countyside and the items, lovely scene.

  5. that pond is so peaceful looking. the zebra from your safari looks a bit sleepy, lol... i've always wanted to go on a safari, maybe one day... your daughter's friend's home is very nice. what a beautiful area. her plague on the porch was very fitting... hope all is well. have a great day~

  6. Lots of great pictures but the ones with the reflections of the trees in the puddles were especially lovely to my eyes. Thank you for the mini-adventures!

  7. Wow! Margaret
    Wonderful are your photos.

    Have a nice weekend:)

  8. The first photos have wonderful fresh colors and phantastic reflections! Have a nice weekend!

  9. Nice post and you have so many wonderful reflections! Have a great weekend!

  10. We watch every English mystery/drama going, just to see amazing green and history (well, also for the exquisite BBC filming). Your grand-daughter lights up any photo.

  11. Beautiful landscape and photos, Margaret.
    Have a Happy Weekend.
    Peace :)

  12. Your reflection shots are superb where the green of this season looks more attractive. I like it when your granddaughter having emerged from the plant, so lovely.


  13. Well, you covered "Z" with a bang!

  14. I like your "Z's", Margaret. The first and last and the Zebra up close were great. Though not a "Z", your Annika is sooo cute. I loved your catch in her hiding place.
    Is Clandeboye Estate open to the public or were you staying there? It is a beautiful place. Thank you for your pictures. I had several bird pictures with all my last week's Regents Park visit photos but I don't think any I got was of a rare variety. The squirrel I posted was there also.

  15. Great reflections, my favourite is #2 and the photo with Annika. Yes, I've seen her in the first of both shots, as I had enlarged it - so picturesque!
    Have a nice sunday

  16. Clandeboye Estate looks like a lovely place, the Northern Hemisphere really does do "summer" rather marvelously! And your granddaughter is a fantastic climber, though did it make you nervous to see? It doesn't show in your steady camera work! :)

  17. love places like those you chose for reflections :)

  18. lovely reflections...and a great shot of the zebra!

  19. Such a beautiful place! I have enjoyed all these images (no way I could pick a favorite). I love the grandlittle in the tree! Thank you so much for joining in Friday's Hunt! Have a great week.