Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Clandeboye Estate (Part 4)

There are many different gardens on the Clandeboye Estate and today we are going through this archway to  the Bee Garden.  I have never seen such a beautiful beehive and I didn't go too close as there were a good number of Bees buzzing around.  

These are Apple trees being trained aliong this curved iron upright.

This is the entrance into the beautiful Chapel Walk.

This Church of Ireland Chapel in the Courtyard has recently been made available to brides wishing to have a wedding or baptism ceremony at Clandeboye and was converted by the 1st Marquess.  The Chapel holds public services each Sunday at 12 noon and someday I may go there to be able to see the inside of it.

The Courtyard is huge and there was 
lots of space for families to have lots of fun.

Some of the buildings held beautiful displays and I met this man Bert who having retired decided to made these beautiful Irish wood carved pens.
More information on them can be found HERE.

This was the gorgeous Banqueting Room however that day I could not get any images of it or the portraits that were hanging on the walls because of all the people in the room. This room can be hired for a wedding reception.

I decided to escape all the activity around the Courtyard and headed for the Arboretum and Pinetum gardens.  The blossom and flowering trees were a kaleidoscope of colours.

I came across a very peaceful area where all the dogs that had lived on the estate had been buried.

However I was blown away by the maturity and variety of colours of the trees.  People were dwarfed beside them.

 Everywhere I looked the verdant green just popped out and round each corner was a glorious surprise of beauty.

Both the Pine and Deciduous trees were fantastic.

I will  finish today as I stand under this magnificent Copper Beech tree to admire the sweet smelling yellow Azaleas beyond.

Now tomorrow I am going to take you into the Bear Garden.  
No, you do not need to be afraid so join me then.

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  1. What a glorious, glorious place. I would find it very hard to leave those gardens. In any season. At any time of day.

    1. Indeed it is and sucha pity it is only open once a year but I have lots more to show you and I know you will love it.

  2. fantastic pictures. They are all so colourful and interesting. I love the view through the little door in the first image.
    great work!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. The garden is so green with the tall and colourful trees and beautiful flowers. Looking forward to the Bear garden.

  4. Margaret, these are just fantastic! Beautiful sights to see on every hand! The beehive is a treasure!
    Thanks so much!

  5. I enjoyed this walk with you....what a beautiful area. From the doggie graveyard to the flowers and the beehive. But, I must say, my favorite part was the chapel.

  6. Hello, beautiful tour and lovely images of the estate. The first photo is one of my favorites. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  7. Oh my, what a wonderful place to visit!
    The Beehive is amazing!!
    Loved all the blooms and isn't it lovely that they had a special place to remember their pets.
    Lovely photos, have a wonderful week :)

  8. That bee hive design is a new one for me. Interesting. In your forest photos I half expected to see an Irish Elf peaking around a corner, but I haven't seen one yet. Great tour.

  9. Hi! What a nice place it is! I like this kind of facility very much. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful shots of the wood and the colorful flowers. And I love your first photo, looking through that stone doorway.

  11. A lovely place you've visited! I also like
    those old and tall trees in different colors!

  12. The blooms are so vivid. It's a lovely estate. What a nice day.

  13. Unbelievable beauty.That place is a photographers dream come true.Thanks for sharing these gorgeous scenes.I can feel the peacefulness even in the pictures.

  14. It is too bad it's only open once a year, but it's good that it's open at all. Delightful! Thanks again for sharing these.

  15. Oh MY! I had a favorite, but as I scrolled, each one was my favorite! This is one of your best posts!! Here are some of my favorites...the awesome bee home, the hallway to the banquet hall with the big red doors, the gigantic trees, and that one tree with abundant orange flowers!!

  16. Nothing better in life than a stroll through a garden. Well, maybe holding a child is a bit better. Or holding a child in a garden!

  17. I really like that beautiful stone archway Margaret it's absolutely gorgeous

  18. A lovely post with beautiful photographs. What a wonderful garden - so enjoyed the Bear Garden in a later post too. A lovely series of posts Margaret. Would so love to visit this location :) Have a good weekend.

  19. I've never seen a bee hive that looks like that but it sure is cool and i love the thatched roof. beautiful series of the bee garden.

  20. what a beautiful place, lovely greenery!!!