Monday, 23 November 2015


It is time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday which I am joining to the meme Through My Lens today.  Apart from the first photographs, the rest were taken one day I was bird watching with my class in the morning and then I went shopping in the afternoon and another day I enjoyed an early Christmas lunch with my siblings, sisters in law and nephew as I am soon off to Malawi for Christmas.

1. When I Grow Up
Now, I consider myself already grown up so I am tackling this when I wasn't grown up.  This photo above is when I was 3 year's old with my sister Dorothy who was 8 months old then.  When asked the question then, 'What do you want to be when you grow up', the answer was always, 'a nurse'.

That is what happened and this photograph below is of when I had qualified as a State Registered Nurse from the Royal Victoria Hospital and was part of the 'Royal' choir that made this record.

When shopping I saw this Fairisle Pattern Jumper.  Perfect I thought!

2. Pattern

When out bird watching, I came across this lovely dog as I was coming out of a cafe where we had refreshments and I didn't know until I reached home that he had a beautiful pattern of bones on his collar.

Back to the shops, and here we have a diffuser which tells us it is called 'Festive' spice. 

3. Festive   

This is a photograph of our early Christmas festive lunch.  I am fortunate to have a younger brother who is sitting at the head of the table, my younger sister to the right of him and my older brother to the left of him.

This is the beautiful Christmas tree that my brother and sisiter in law had decorated in their converstory and it looks like a triangle in shape.

4. Triangle 

While bird watching we saw Lapwing, Turnstone and many Gulls on the rocks, I suddenely exclaimed, 'Look, a triangle'  I think my class thought I had lost the plot as I had not told them the words for this week.  They all agreed that the maker buoy to the channel was a good triangle for the meme.

5. Fancy

Back to the shops again and I told the shop assistant what I was looking for for this meme and when I found both the shoes above and bag below, I went back and showed her the photographs and she said immediatey, 
"I fancy both these items". Job done!

 I hope you enjoyed the words I photographed for this meme this week.

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  1. What a lovely post Margaret and what a fantastic picture of you with your sister. I enjoyed the one of your nursing choir too. A super one with your family. All lovely photos!

  2. Photo scavenger hunts are so much fun! And festive holiday meals with family - wonderful!
    Have a great week!

  3. The look in the dogs eyes is precious! Thank you for linking in with Through My Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. such a lovely post - happy week :-)

  5. Beautiful images, and I do love the dog, nice face.

  6. Quite an interesting potpourri of photos here!
    Last week's Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday just closed, but in a few hours the new one will be opening for business. I hope to see you there!

  7. So which one is you on the record!

    Will keep an eye open for you link this week.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: my slowness to comment and visit has been caused by a trip to an island in the Pacific!

  8. Lovely set of photos Margaret - beautiful expression on the dog's face :)

  9. Hello Margaret, beautiful collection of images. I especially like the family holiday meal photo. Cute doggie!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  10. you nailed the prompts with some great images!!!!!

  11. Great collection of photos Margaret! I love the Fairisle pattern & how wonderful to enjoy your Christmas lunch with family early! I love the fancy shoes too!

  12. Love the shot of you as a young nurse! So many experiences for both of us since those days. I too don't remember a time when nursing was not my goal. Know you are looking forward to your Christmas in Malawi

  13. Nice photo of your family gathered around the table.

  14. Hi Margaret,
    Great shots. Love the shoes and purse, also your growing up picture.
    Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

  15. I enjoyed the look back in time with your growing up photos. My friends' dog has that same type of collar. I do like your hexagonal triangle :). Glad you were able to enjoy a lunch with your siblings. Those shoes and bag are pretty and do fit the prompt quite well.

  16. How wonderful that you saw your dream come true! I know how rewarding being a nurse must have been! Loved the rest of your Scavenger Hunt too! Great pictures!

  17. That doggie REALLY wants something! Cute.

  18. An early glimpse of Christmas!

  19. Christmas just gets earlier and earlier!

  20. Those are fancy shoes and bag. Very pretty. I wish I liked wearing heels. So often children know at an early age what they want to be when they grow up. Adorable photo of you and your baby sister. I love Fairisle patterns. Pretty dog with bone-pattern collar, and a pretty and festive table setting, even more beautiful surrounded by those you love.

  21. That vintage photo is wonderful. How cute.

  22. I love all your personals in this post . . .
    Fun meeting your family . . .
    Love the shoes and purse . . . fancy very . . . a party?

  23. i enjoyed your scavenger hunt...what a sweet photo of you and your baby that little pooch too!!

  24. Ok, Margaret, you may not tantalize us with a photo that includes yourself and not say which is you! Have not seen you in profile so I just could not pick you out. Wonderfully varied post.

  25. What a fun way to do "when I grow up". I do agree, you should tell us which one is you!

  26. Why is it most Irish Lady's are nurses, my mother was one and so was my Father for that mater. I think I see what scavenger hunt is about now so might give it a try again