Sunday, 13 September 2015

SUNDAY THOUGHT - Rathlin Island Ferry (Part 7)

Open up, you gates.
Open wide, you aged doors.
 Then the glorious King will come in.

Psalm 24:9 

CLICK HERE if video does not appear.

Photographed on the Rathlin Island ferry.

July 2015

Many thanks for visting this whole series (7 posts) on 
Rathlin Island this week.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciated all the comments you left on my posts.


  1. Good morning, Margaret.
    I greet you very warmly on Sunday morning.
    Milo take a short ferry journey.
    Greetings from Poland.

  2. Good morning Margaret, I wish we had more ferries in the US. To me, they seem to force one to take a deep breath and relax from our busy world. Christa

  3. Very nice Margaret and a happy Sunday to you.

  4. Hello Margaret, it looks like a nice ending to your trip to the island. The boy looks anxious to get off the ferry. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!

  5. I like the link with the ferry door and your words of Psalm 24;9


  6. i really enjoy a ferry ride, something special about it!!!