Sunday, 27 September 2015


These are my photographs to illustrate the chosen words this week.

1.   Love

I walked into my local Ward Park again and as I told you last week, we have some birds in large cages. Now these cages this week had 1/4" square wire mesh so photographs were nearly impossible.  However I watched the Buggies and two of them looked a bit amorous, kissing and cuddling up to one another and suddenly they copulated .  These are the best shots I could get.

This is a mug I found in my cupboard that one of my daughters gave me many years ago.

2.   Afternoon

Both these shots are from my archives as neither of my daughters live in this country.  The shot above was taken when my daughter Judith came home with her 2 children from Malawi and we all had a special afternoon tea in a restaurant using my great Grannies china which they are going to put on display when they open a bigger tea shop. This is Annika, my grand daughter.

This was taken when my daughter Judith treated me to an afternoon tea at Huntington House in Malawi.   Very up market  guest accommodation on a wonderful tea plantation.

3. Less is more

The childs bench seat was in the park and the feather came out of one of the Guinea Fowl that wander around the park.

 4.  High

Above, once again my class came to the rescue but giving me a high five.

I was going to add a shot I took of Scrabo Tower when I was out with my bird group but I froend, David Craig sent me this short video where he had flown his quadcopter over Scrabo Tower and I thought you might like to see that.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear.

5.   Photographer’s Choice

I have chosen to show you, not a photo taken by myself but taken by my son in law who is a professional Photographer on the Isle of Wight.  

This is a shot of my granddaughter Anna,
 who would love to have a career in dance.

To view more of ANNA, CLICK HERE

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Many thanks to David Craig at 
for letting me show you his video.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs I have submitted today.

Many thanks for visiting and also to all those who leave comments.


  1. Oh your choice of images is amazing. I didn't realize you can use more than one photo per word. Will do so next time! I love the last photo of your granddaughter in action. Your SIL is a PRO. Wow! Have a great weekend. Jo

  2. I love the budgies! I've had budgies myself a long time ago. They're fun birds.

  3. I love the pictures of parrots !!

  4. Normally budgies are far more private in their love-making. We had some cockatiels some years ago who seemed to be always in the mood. The mail would talk during the event. Anyway, a great series of shots, Margaret.

  5. Your budgies are charming, Margaret, we raised some many years ago. The tea goodies look so tempting, your granddaughter must be really enjoying that event, and your great-grandmother's china as well. The photo of your other granddaughter is so beautiful, full of marvelous motion and grace.

  6. Hi,
    Great shots. Love the dance shot, awesome. Thanks for stopping by
    my place. Have a great day!

  7. Hello Margaret, great find for your photo hunt. I love the cute budgies. And the photo of your granddaughter is just lovely. Have a happy new week!

  8. Those birds are gorgeous. Love the red bench.

  9. Nice shots all. I had budgies as a kid with my sister. :)

    Thank you for your visit on my blog. I added Google translation on my sidebar. I also try to write something in English too. :) Welcome back anytime. :)

  10. Truly lovely captures this week.
    All full of love.

  11. Those first two bird photos are adorable!

  12. that last photo took my breath away!!!!! I enjoyed your photo choices and would like to say how being greeted by that lovely Puffin (?) when I open up your blog pleases me to no end, he she makes me grin big....

  13. Super job this week, Margaret! I LOVE that mug. I forgot to play so I had better check out next Sunday's list!

  14. All your photos are beautiful from the opening to your close. I hadn't posted with Scavenger Hunt Sunday for a long while but I worked it in with my Renaissance Festival photos!

  15. Once again your class has come along and saved the day! Beautiful granddaughters! Obviously, Anna has worked very hard toward her goal, I hope she is successful in her dancing endeavors. Love the budgies!