Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Milking Cows Video at Glynn Farm, Co Antrim, N. Ireland (Part 8)

Last Thursday I showed you the cows coming in from their pastures, and on Monday I showed you part of the milking process, so today the video at the end will continue that story.    If you have missed the about mentioned, and wish  to see it, click on the yellow highlighted text.  

Michelle has been working for John Blair, the farmer for about 61/2 years and is an expert at milking the cows and Lauren is studying Agriculture and is just about to go back to Harper Adams College, so John will miss her help.

Milking machines

These are some of the cows leaving after being milked.

The cows go into a holding yard where they have access to water and  to a mixed ration of silage, meal and straw.  

This video below is a continuation of Monday's video.

If the video does not appear CLICK HERE.

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  1. Interesting............It looks a long job.

  2. HI Adrian Yes, milking 200 cows even with the milking apparatus does take time but when I was watching and recording the event, I was amazed at how quickly each cow actually was milked and wondered how long it would take 2 people to milk that many cows by hand!! I don't know if you managed to see MOnday's video as I had not the link on early enough before you viewed the post but it showed the beginning of the process. Thanks for your interest.Adrain.

  3. My goodness it has become high tech hasn't it?

    1. Hi Sue Indeed it has and I think it is good to see and heard just how much work goes into bringing us our milk in cartoons or containers John was very gracious to share the process with us even though he was very busy with the job in hand.

  4. How are the cows in this process, I guess they are probably used to it by now.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. I bet the cows are glad when the crowded milking is over and they can get back out to the wide open fields!

  6. Farmer Blair has a slick operation going! Good for the girls too, human and bovine!

  7. I still say--- milk comes in cartons, at the store. Seriously, we have lots of dairy farms within a 20 mile radius. The fragrance of each makes me glad none are close. I guess you get used to it. Very well documented, Margaret.

  8. That is a lot of milking to be done.Thanks for your kind words left on my blog. Miles really do no make a difference to friends and I do appreciate your friendship.

  9. Yes, I've seen a similar operation. It's incredible how docile the animals are.

  10. They are so calm aren't they, lovely girls, interesting to see this entire process, my Uncle did his cows by hand and I imagine he'd of loved all of this technology, he had 6 dogs two looked like the one in the video. Thanks for this visit.

  11. Very hard work are dairy farmers. Many years ago we would buy freshly milked milk at a local dairy. Even made our own butter! My that seems to be a lifetime ago. Nice shots of the ladies, Margaret.