Tuesday, 30 June 2015

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Tory Island (Part 2)

These are some of the birds I came across on my first day walking round Tory Island in May this year.  Enjoy.

Oystcatchers breed on the island (above) as do the Lapwing (below).

Ringed Plover are also found (not easily due to the terrain as seen in yesterday’s post) but they do breed here.

There are lots of Wheatear and nearly always out of range of my camera for descent shots.

This is a young Rock Pipit (I think)  Anyone confirm this for me please?

Near the harbour on the beach there is always loads of seaweed with plenty of Gulls scavenging on it as well as Starling, Pipits, both Rock and Meadow, Pied Wagtail and even Wheatears.  I will show you a video at the end of this post with this Gull pretecting this fish and also a Pipit that I videoed in another part of the island.

There are Tree Sparrows on the Island breeding and I am also told only 1 House Sparrow!

This time I believe this is a young Meadow Pipit but let me know if that is not correct please.

CLCIK HERE if the video does not appear below.

I will be showing you more birds over the next 2 weeks in this series however I hope you enjoyed the ones I showed you today.

Tomorrow as promised I will show you the Lighthouse and grounds.

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  1. That poor lonely House Sparrow. I hope he/she finds a mate.

  2. Adorable shots. You do wildlife photography really well. Love the Nr. 13-17 shots.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Hello Margaret, looks like an awesome outing and with a great variety of birds. I love the cute plovers and I would love to see the Lapwing. Cute video and photos. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. Hi Margaret,
    Beautiful pictures and video is great.
    Best regards, Irma

  5. Nice shots of the birds in flight!

  6. Wonderful post on the birds through the images and video.

  7. What a beautiful island with a great bird population. Fantastic photos and video.

  8. My Goodness, your header is striking. And your pictures, as always, wonderful. I love the little Pipits ... had never seen them before. Such fun you have and such wonderful pictures you share. I hope I get my life back together soon so I can join in the fun ... who would think a mere pup could disrupt one's entire life ... Be well, Margaret.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. Looks like a fab place, and I think you're right with the young Rock Pipit.

  10. I can't even confirm that he is sitting on a rock. Ha!

  11. It is such a pleasure to see these photos Margaret, a lovely variety of feathered friends. Thank you also for the very kind comments you left for my father-in-law. They were very much appreciated by him and by all of us. Have a great week :)

  12. Great pics, Margaret!

    Believe it or not, there are five sparrow nests sticking out of our attic in D.C.

  13. For such a small island it definitely seems to have plenty of species.

  14. lots of wonderful captures!!!!

  15. Wonderful variety of birds there. Loved seeing your photos and the video was great.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful birds, Margaret. I particularly like to watch your videos. Thank you for taping them and for explaining.

  17. really nice birds all of them. A great day :)