Monday, 15 June 2015

My Bird Group Visits Portavoe Reservoir

I took my bird group just 3 miles from my home to Portavoe Reservoir and These shots are straight out of the camera as I was away over the weekend at Great Saltee Island (off Wexford, Ireland) apart from the last shots taken at Groomsport Harbour of the Pied Wagtail and Common Tern which are all cropped.  So come along with us as we walk around the reservoir.

When we arrived we were meet with dozens of Mallards duck(above) and here are my ‘ducks’ following Mama duck below!

We were surprised we did not see as many birds on the reservoir but we did see several Little Grebe as well as Coot and as we walked round we hear many small birds such as Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler and saw fleeting glimpses of Chaffinch, the Tits and Goldcrest.

Only one pair of Swans with their 5 cygnets were on the reservoir however they did come over to us much to my surprise.  I will show you more photographs and video of them tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the walk round the reservoir.

Tomorrow, look in to see the beautiful video of the cygnets.

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  1. How very beautiful. Mind you, in surroundings like that, the birds would be a bonus. Just the countryside itself is a gift.

  2. HI Sue You are perfectly right and many of my bird group had never walked round this lake even though it is only 3 miles away! I realised after you comment i had notfished the post off before going away last weekend. I amoff with my bird group again this morning so have a lovely evening is Australia.

  3. Hi Margaret,
    Beautiful pictures of the walk around the lake.
    The Swan with young, the wagtail, and terns are really great
    Best regards, Irma
    PS still a question, you live in Australia ???

  4. It looks a beautiful walk.

  5. That's a great spot for some wildlife photography. Love the peek-out in the 5th shot and the bridge in the 11th image.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Hello Margaret, it was a pretty walk. I enjoyed the scenery and the birds. The swan family is one of my favorites. But I also love the Terns! Happy Monday, have a great new week ahead!

  7. The Pied Wagtail made me chuckle and the Tern looks so elegant. I wonder if the lack of birds might be because they're fledging young and hiding away.

  8. What a lovely walk. thank you.

  9. beautiful area. the swan family made me smile. :)

  10. What a beautiful place! Love your shot of the swan family.

  11. Nice photos. Can never get enough of the iridescent mallards.

  12. The walk was most enjoyable.I love the scenery,green grass,blue skies and throw in some birds and it makes for a perfect combination.

  13. The swans and the babies are lovely, Margaret.
    Looks like you picket yet another great location for birding!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  14. Looks lika a beautiful area. I love the wagtail. It's one of my favorite birds.