Monday, 26 January 2015

Malawian Children

After my post yesterday regarding the terrible flooding in Malawi, I thought I would show you some children that I encountered while staying at Montfort Cottages and I do hope they all survived the flooding.  My grandson Daniel even joined in with the dancing at one point much to their delight.

This little band of boys came one evening to play for us.  They stayed about half an hour and although their singing is not wonderful, they did their best. On the video at the end, look carefully at what bits and pieces they have made their drum kit from.

As you know from previous posts from Montfort Cottages, I took an early morning walk along this road and I came upon this little group of girls.  I took a very short video of them singing which I showed them afterwards and your should have heard all the giggles.

This half built house was overlooking Lake Malawi and had monkeys climbing all over it which I showed you on a previous post. 

 I don't think I showed you the B & W shot I took.

This is a peep of Lake Malawi through the large rocks just beside the half built house.

These are even larger rocks where the Baboons play and in the trees is where I found the Fish Eagles which I showed you last Tuesday.  More about them in tomorrow's post.

I wonder what he is thinking as we look at each other.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear.

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  1. Good morning, Margaret,
    Nice video, they make fun of the smallest things they possess.
    Grandson also dances well, I enjoyed the pictures and the video.
    A good new week.
    Best regards, Irma

  2. Beautiful country, beautiful people and beautiful monkey.

  3. I like the video of the children singing and dancing.. They are so cute! I hope everyone survived the flooding.. The monkey are cool. Great post, Margaret... Have a happy week!

  4. Good morning margaret! The photos you have shared of these precious children have so touched my heart. I hope also that all is well with these kids with the flooding. So enlightening to travel where there is so much poverty, and the children always touch my heart. My little girl that I sponsor in Ghauna is in this same state, and I have never once in 5 years for her seen her smile. Blessings to you!

  5. such sweet kids. i do hope they made it, too. great drummer and fantastic drum set!

  6. Very nice pictures!:) The children look happy, I also hope they and their families are OK. Your grandson was really going for it!:) Great sounding innovitive intruments!:)

  7. I hope they all survived too! What a gorgeous black and white photo!

  8. I agree with TexWis! Great drumming and drum set!! Loved seeing your grandson dance. He's good! You have seen so much of the world. The monkey shots were very special as well. Thanks so much, Margaret, for sharing what you have seen. It's a beautiful way to bring all of us closer. I so hope these kids will be okay.

  9. Sweet children Margaret, I hope they and their families are safe. I enjoyed all your photos and video very much.

  10. Amazing photos, Margaret. I do love how so many things that inhibit adults from joining in, do not do so with children. They don't care about color, culture, etc. It's a beautiful thing.

  11. They do have good rhythm. And they made these drums from the things they found...they work very well!! They even get different sounds from them.

  12. I see wonders... creativity in the most simple way!! The beauty of their souls, too! Hope they'll be fine and I thank you for your generosity of sharing this with us! Inspired by...

  13. I remember my own time in Africa and the sheer innocence of the children. They have so little and expect even less.

    It's great to see your memories Margaret.

  14. Interesting post...I really enjoyed it.

  15. Baboons Margaret, we don't get many of them in UK, or do we.{:))

  16. Hi Margaret,
    Nice photos as usual!
    The monkey in the last photo has nice, clean fur; making me wonder, if he was one of the leaders of his group.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  17. This is a quite fascinating glimpse into a world that I know almost nothing about. Thanks for broadening my horizons.

    Have an excellent day.