Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring is in the air at Ward Park

Today I was off to play badminton at the Leisure Centre and I walked via my local Ward Park.  Well spring was really in the air!  There seemed to be an abundance of male Mallard ducks.  I saw eight  males chasing one poor female although one of them seemed to have the upper hand as he did his best to chase the others away.  
There were dozens of Black-headed Gulls, ranging from 1st years, to ones that had already their full breeding plumage of chocolate - coloured heads.
Black-headed Gull
The Greylag Geese came right up to me however I was not carrying any food for them unfortunately.
Many smaller birds were very vocal overhead in the trees and 2 Rooks had paired up and were copulating on the grass after which they started gathering nesting material.  Blackbirds were on the ground listening for the slightest movement of a worm that they could eat.

Greylag Goose
Some Moorhens were also chasing each other in the hope of pairing up while other males who had paired up, were quite fierce in their treatment of rivals who were trying to muscle in on their female.  These are a few photos I took in the Ward  Park today.                                                            
  1. Moorhen

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