Tuesday, 17 October 2017

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Mount Stewart Outing on Strangford Lough (Part 2)

Following on from yesterday’s post, the birds seen in this post are Cormorant, Herring gull, and Shag and I am linking with Wild Bird Wednesday.

Above are Cormorants however the rest of the birds are mainly Shag in the other images.

Tomorrow I will show you winter Common Guillemot and Winter Razorbill.

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  1. Seems our water birds have left for warmer climates to the south except for the cormorants. They are still here, but perhaps not for much longer.

  2. Hello, great captures of the cormorants and gulls. They look at home on the rocks. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Margaret you have such cool water birds. I need to get out there and BIRD again. Blessings Jo

  4. Is this an old lighthouse? The birds have taken over command of it. I guess if the light doesn't work anymore, they will just squawk loudly to warn the boats.

  5. That first picture is startlingly lovely!