Friday, 27 October 2017


I am linking with Fridays’ Hunt and Weekend Reflections and today the letter is P, surprise and looking up and all three are in the video below. 

We all had a wonderful SURPRISE 

We  all had a wonderful SURPRISEwhen we were LOOKING Up into the tall trees and spied these PRIMATES. 
 Can you see the baby Central American Spider Monkey?

 Above is a REFLECTION image at sunset.

If the video does not appear below, CLICK HERE.

Spider monkeys are almost completely arboreal, spending most of their lives in the top of the tree canopy. They are among the most agile of the PRIMATES, they walk along the upper surfaces of branches as easily as most humans walk along an even sidewalk and are able to pick things up with their tails.

Most feeding takes place during the early morning, with the remainder of the day "devoted" to rest.

Sorry I got the letter out of order however if you wish to see Q,CLICK HERE and I have a video of a very unisally bird called the Resplenent Quetzal from Cosa Rica.

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