Thursday, 18 September 2014

GOOD FENCES - Malawian style

During my first few days in Malawi, I was aware that where my family lived, all the residents had high walls surrounding their properties and my family had Nelson, who I showed you previously with his family living on the site and was responsible for the garden, washing the car and opening and closing the gate.  At night, there was a different guard, in fact there was 3 that rotated every 3rd night.  Today as I am linking with Tex’s GOOD FENCES, I am showing you some of the gates and fences guarding these properties and also a little glimpse of a Malawian village in the distance.

This is Nelson outside our gate.

I thought these flowers were very beautiful, 
like white bells hanging down.

I am linking this post with Tex's meme, GOOD FENCES.  I hope you enjoyed my first glimpse of Malawi thought these fences.

Thank you for visiting and leaving comments especially to those to continue to view my posts even though at present I am unable to leave comments on their posts, due to internet connections.


  1. all sorts of gates. i do not think i'd want to live where a guard was needed each night. but i'm glad they are available to hire for watch duty.

  2. I can't help but feel sad about the necessity of fences, walls, guards...
    And love those softening white bells.

  3. Why such large fences? What are people afraid of?

  4. Sorry about your internet connection problems. These gates I see are not suppose to be inviting but guarding. So interesting...

  5. Sad to think that such high fences and guards are needed in so many places in the world. They are starting to appear here in Australia too. Warm regards

  6. Goodness there is quite a vairety of gates here. I enjoyed seeing the different ones. I especially liked the White wall with the red curly-cues.

  7. Oh my what a wonderful, interesting feast for our eyes this post was! Very fun to see, thanks for sharing, and yes the last flowers are quite lovely.

  8. Hello Margaret, wonderful collection of the images and gates..Everyone should feel safe and secure with the high walls and the gates.. wishing you a happy weekend!..

  9. Magnificent blog, with extraordinary photo, perfect and processed to provide a great beauty.


  10. These fences are very different. And one even has wire on top! I take it there is a lot of crime? The flowers are just beautiful, maybe Moonflowers?

  11. I remember visiting Barbados back in the early 90s, there was a similar neighborhood. The bigger houses were surrounded by walls more than twice as high as person.

    I like those trumpet flowers.

  12. Very different types of fences there. I agree with the previous comment about Barbados.

  13. Hi Margaret,
    Looks like you have a great protection in addition to that nice gate.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    I am looking forward to the 2000+ photos you have mentioned in this post.
    Looking forward to them. I am sure they are lovely!
    Peace :)

  14. PS.
    I saw some flowers like the 'bells' near my home here.
    They are pretty, but I don't what they are.