Monday, 10 March 2014

Birds and flowers seen at Yarmouth, I.O.W.

Eileen picked me and Tilly and her cage and off we set for our days birding.  We did know how Tilly would manage however she was great and even slept while we had lunch.  We headed to Yarmouth and I have put in some information regarding that area for you to read.   The weather was very dull however it did keep dry for us but there is not a great deal of colour in the shots until after lunchtime.  There will be a short video at the end of the post with clips that both Eileen and myself took. Thank you Eileen for sharing them with me/us.

There were Dark bellied Brent Geese, Wigeon and Black headed Gulls

 Wigeon feeding

More Wigeon, too bad they had their back to me!


Dunnock.  There were quite a few Tits, Finches, Robins and Blackbirds however I did not manage to capture any of them.


Black tailed Godwit

Something spooked these Godwit

Carrion Crow

We stopped at a cafe for lunch and I spied this topiary tree in the shape of a train.  What I didn't see was that Tilly had jumped up and licked my lens and so the next shots have a blur mark on them!!!!

Heather -Erica

My first Bee seen this year.  
Will someone tell me if this is a Bumblebee please?

Crocuses blooming

Miniature Iris

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  1. Gorgeous flowers, Margaret! And a great collection of ducks.. The Wigeon is one of my favorites. Great post, have a happy week!

  2. It's so lovely to see the crocuses and miniature irises blooming!

  3. How beautiful they are! And it's so encouraging to see the crocuses. I hope to visit the Isle of Wight someday!

  4. the wigeons are really handsome.

  5. I always enjoy your tours. I am learning a lot about your country and others that you visit and learning new terms like "Yar". I looked it up and it wasn't in my Webster's Dictionary so I am gleaning the meaning from your comments. The pictures are wonderful, even with the little lick smear that is bearly visable, and I love the conservation efforts in your country. Here greed seems to win out over conservation in most cases which makes me very angry (a subject for another time). Thank you, Margaret ... loved all of it.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. What a wonderful outing - thank you for taking us along.

  7. All those springlike flowers are so pretty.

  8. In your trips you always seem surrounded with wonderful bird species.
    I loved the topiary and the spring blooms have me wishing ours were here. :)
    I did see some shoots barely breaking ground today.
    Thanks for these lovely moments.

  9. Thank you so much for yet another fantastic tour!
    Birds, flowers and scenery, your photos of them all were beautiful...