Monday, 31 March 2014

Bangor Walled Garden in March - Birds and Plants

I am sure you all know the song, “Come into the garden Maud”, well today we are walking round the Bangor Walled Garden this month with me, not Maud!  It does not open to the public until Easter however I am sure many of you know I have managed to visit it in January and February to record what is going on in the winter and how it changes over the months.   Today, I was fortunate to meet the head gardener Nicola who was very helpful in aiding me with some ID and information.

 This is the view through the entrance.

I am looking forward to seeing what blooms will flower under these pansies. I will be back with the next instalement!

I rarely go into the garden without seeing Mr Robin and he usually sings for me.

This shot was taken to show the growth on the wide Rose from the last time and in the background you can see the yellow and red stems of the Cornus plant.

Viburnum tinus

 Drimys winteri variety andina




Above are the Broad Beans that I have shown you over the last 2 months and they are doing very well.  However in the shot below is a sadder sight.  These were the peas.  Nicola was telling me the Doves love them and have eaten all the shoots.  She will be sowing more of them.

This bed is full of onion and garlic and are doing well.  Everything in the vegetable is grown organically and in the summer all the produce is sold every weekend to the public.

This is an espalier Apricot tree above and below some of the buds are just showing.  Nicola was hoping there would not be a frost to ruin them.  When the buds open, she was telling me the bees do not pollinate this tree and she has to hand pollinate it herself.  Wow!  What a  big job!

There is a walled garden within a walled garden and in this section there is a greenhouse, cafe, bandstand, some beds and a large grassed area that is used in the summer for events.  Last year I took a group to see Romeo and Juliet which was performed by a touring company.  I am hoping there will another play this summer.

This is a lone flower of a Geranium I found in the greenhouse.    They bring on a lot of seedlings and slips to plant out later such as these Sweet Pea below and as I looked down to the other end of the greenhouse I wondered why they had eggs in egg boxes!

I had to laugh at myself when I arrived at the other end of the green house to discover, that the eggs where potatoes being sprouted!!

Even the dogs are looked after when they come to visit the garden.

We end our walk as we pass through this archway from one walled garden to the other one.  I hope you enjoyed our walk with me today. 

Now that I have managed to record the last 3 months, I would like to continue to record each month until the end of the year to watch the differences over that time.

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  1. What a glorious spot. And what good taste the doves have - fresh peas are indeed delicious.

  2. A beautiful place for sure! Neat that they make sure the dogs are cared for. Your robins looks so much prettier than our American ones. Beautiful shots!!

  3. So very pretty and so well planned out. Love the magpie and the robin too Margaret.

  4. the robin is very cute. not sure i like those first few flower beds cut into the lawn so perfectly. i like more natural views. :)

  5. This is a beautiful garden and I am surprised at how many flowers and budding plants there are. We are not even close to that yet. The saying here is that it is not really spring until the Dogwood blooms ... well, the Dogwood barely has buds on it yet. I love that you are chronicling the garden. You should do a post at the end of the year showing the same plant each month as it progresses and then declines. That would be so interesting. Looks like a Beautiful day ... Hope it stays that way for you, Margaret ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. What a gorgeous garden. Nice to see it again.

  7. Beautifully done Margaret, I love the dogs spot.

  8. It sure is spring where you live, and your photos are beautiful.
    We have nothing growing just yet :(

  9. Thanks for the walk through the garden.

  10. I love the apricot tree up against the wall! Also the puffed up robin. I think this is a European robin, the REAL robins! I have never seen one before. We have what people CALL robins here, but they are not real robins.

  11. margaret, what a lovely way to spend a day. The gardens, flowers and plants all look beautiful. The robin is a cutie. Great post! Have a happy week!