Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Cattle at my 'Old Caravan'

Just returned home from 'old caravan' as I am taking people to see Macbeth this evening and am struggling to keep up with emails, blogging etc.  As I share my field with cattle, I thought I would like to show you some stills and 2 videos of them.

White Bull in centre

Bulls Hoofs.
Face to face stand off!

Another Bull in a different field

 This is a video of  cattle in different fields where I walk when at my 'old caravan'.  You can access it at

This second video can be accessed at

Many thanks for visiting my blog.

MANY THANKS TO ALL who left comments on any of my posts and a special thanks to Adam and Trevor who helped ID the bug in my last post.  It was the larva of the seven spot ladybird. 


  1. i love cattle and their curious, mopey faces! adorable!

  2. Replies
    1. Yep1 That made me laugh. Many thanks for comment. Also to Tex above. Just trying to see how long this reply might stay!! Margaret

  3. So how was the smell? Did they wake you early?

  4. Cripes those bulls are BIG. Hope there is a fence between them and the old caravan!

  5. Cows are lovely animals and I photograph them whenever I get the chance. You have taken some great 'Action' shots and videos here Margaret. {:))

  6. We have lots and lots of cows around us, yet I have never seen photos of them this way!!! You are really an awesome photographer. I have heard that cows are curious, and the first few pictures look like they are coming over to look at you and your camera! I especially love your close ups of the hooves and nose. I think I might try it.

  7. Hi Margaret, I always enjoy your photos and videos... The video of the frisky bull reminded me of my experience at Yellowstone --watching a frisky (and angry) elk......

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cows are always fun to photograph - the wide angle shot of the nose being a very popular approach!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. The cows faces are so cute, adorable photos. Great videos. Have a happy week ahead!

  10. You got right up their noses, only kidding. Love bovines.

  11. Beautiful pictures of the cows, the bull is also very beautiful.
    Lovely Sunday.

  12. Always good to see a healthy and contented herd Margaret. A great set of images and (action!) video!!...[;o)

  13. great shots Margaret, and videos!