Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ducks and Geese at Castle Espie

Yesterday I showed you the ducklings in the Duckery at Castle Espie, however today I am showing you mostly adult ducks and geese into their collection, although quite a number are going into eclipse.  If you would like to see them in pristine condition, look at my blog on Sunday 7 April, Entitled, "Castle Espie Visited".  It is well worth a visit to see the difference a few months make in these birds plumage and also to see how the ducklings from yesterdays' post will grow up and look like. 
White faced Whistling Duck 
 Red Breasted Goose
 Ne Ne (head shot)
Ne Ne 
Greenland White-fronted Goose
 Emperor Geese
 Some of the nest boxes
 Eider - male in eclipse
 Carolina or Wood duck -male in eclipse
Cape Teal 
  Chloe Wigeon

                                                                               Comb duck

Last Saturday I showed you and gave you information regarding this beautiful Comb duck which was then in the Duckery.  Four birds had been brought in and they were 1 year olds. 

The second time I visited Castle Espie recently, the Comb ducks had been introduced into the collection and so this video below is of when I caught up with them and I have to say, they were really making their presence felt!  It can be accessed at  http://youtu.be/YA7F8TrsR3A

I am leaving you with another video I took of some of the ducks and geese in the Castle Espie collection.  It can be accessed at  http://youtu.be/FVTwMcawTDg

Tomorrow, I hope to show you the area outside that collection area at Castle Espie were wild birds are found.  I hope you enjoyed today's post and I thank you for visiting.
MANY THANKS to ALL who left comments on any of my post yesterday.


  1. Beautiful plumage detail, and interesting videos. I fear for the safety of those little ducklings. Here in our Florida lake I saw a drake Muscovy Duck attack and kill several that probably were not his progeny.

  2. they're all so beautiful and exotic!

  3. I love that first shot, he is, well they all are magnificent but he's my favourite.

  4. Love seeing so many different and beautiful ducks and geese!

  5. Beautiful shots of the birds! The videos are very interesting.

  6. You have beautiful ducks in your world. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  7. I love birds. There are so many strange and interesting looking birds out there. Very nice!

  8. Gorgeous, all of them, but I like the Red Breasted Goose best.

  9. So many beautiful ones... I tried to pick a fav --but couldn't. I love the Red Breasted Goose, the Chloe Wigeon, and the Comb Duck the most out of this group. But--they are all gorgeous.

  10. Amazingly how many different sorts of duck there are in the world!
    Lovely photos, Margaret!

    Thanks for your comment, I feel much better now, but must go on medication for a long time.
    Greetings Pia

  11. Even in eclipse they are handsome.

  12. Wow, awesome collection of ducks! I love them all, so cute! Great photos.

  13. Beautiful series of pictures of different species of ducks.
    Very well photographed, my compliments.
    Regards, Irma

  14. Love them. I would love to see them, although we have Slimbridge WWT, it would be a great time to visit.

  15. What an amazing collection of amazing looking ducks!